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Project 365 – Year 2013: Day 227

Photo #227: August 15

Yesterday, I was supposed to use our Altis for my errands, but it wouldn’t start! I checked the receipt of our last car battery purchase to confirm my hunch that it was out of juice and voilà! It was purchased on September 12, 2010. I exercised my haggling skills and had a new battery delivered today. Thank you, Kuya Rick of BatParts Supply Company!


Project 365 – Year 2013: Day 74

Photo #74: March 15

Claimed my Palmolive gift pack yesterday, opened it today. Good timing as I already need to stock up on shampoo, conditioner, and soap haha :D In the afternoon, I bought a new tire as I had to use the spare last week because of a flat tire. Driving without a spare is never an option. :)


Project 365 – Year 2013: Day 67

Photo #67: March 8

Had a pretty busy morning. I woke up at around 6:36, which was already late for me as I needed to have our Altis registered and the smoke emission test center opens at 7! Took a quick bath, skipped breakfast, and checked the car’s fluids. While waiting for my turn at the test center, one of the employees noticed that I had a flat tire, which he quickly (in less than 10 minutes, I think) replaced with the spare one I had. Thank you, manong! :D When I arrived at the LTO center, I was surprised to see that there was no line! Apparently, only a few people go there on Fridays. Anyway, I was done by around 8:45! Bilis! :) Also had the old tire checked, wala, talagang it needed to be replaced na. So thankful that I didn’t have an accident or anything serious.

p.s. for those who haven’t had their cars registered yet, make sure you bring your early warning device and the original copy of your previous OR. :)


Project 366 – Year 2012: Day 315

Photo #315: November 10

I have two new Porsche cars!!! Toy cars nga lang haha! :D Got these babies from Petron Corporation. You can get them at P180 each for every P1000 fuel purchase. Lucky for me, even if my full tank of gas didn’t reach P2000, the nice people from my suking Petron station allowed me to buy two cars because nga I’m a suki! :D Hihihi ^^ I got a black Carrera S and a blue Panamera. :) They’re nice additions to my collection of Ferrari toy cars and key chains from Shell! :D

Ah, Ferrari – Part 3! :)

May 3, 2009

Yey! Yey! Nakolekta ko na ulit! Wootwoo! :))

Part 1

Part 2

These models were easier to collect than the first two wootwoo! So happy! Love the FXX, the Fiorano, and the F430!!!!

bonding with astro sibs

Good Friday with Kate and Ian:

- bisita Iglesia
– Marist School Chapel
– St. Paul of the Cross Parish
– Concepcion Church
– Church along Katipunan Road (the one near La Vista)
– UP Chapel – ate ice cream there, yummy ^-^
– Chapel somewhere in Anonas
– UST Church
– visited our grandparents in Novaliches, ate more ice cream hehe
– drove to Makati and Antipolo, wala lang trip lang naming mag-drive..malapit na ring maging licensed driver si Ian so practice, practice, practice! =)

Easter Sunday with Ian:

- after church, went to SM Marikina
– ate, ate, ate :))
– watched Dragonball Z Evolution
– went book-shopping at NBS
– went to Metro East to buy some groceries and car chemicals
– had dinner at home with Mom and Kate, at nag-ice cream pa ulit

ANG INIT AMFUFU. haha =) had fun with my sibs =)

complete pics HERE.

Achievements for the day

Weeee ’twas my first time to drive to work today! Kasi naman, sa layo ng Makati, thinking about the long drive pa lang makes me tired na. Hehe. Plus, sa tindi ng traffic, nakow, I’d rather be a passenger rather than be the driver. Sarap matulog sa biyahe uy! Hehe.

Pero dahil Holy Thursday at karamihan ay walang pasok, at wala rin naman akong shuttle na masasakyan papuntang work, I decided to bring 323. Weeeee ~ my drive to Makati was pretty smooth, wala pang 30 minutes nasa office na ako.

And then another achievement I have accomplished is that I was able to get 3 of the 7 new Ferrari car models from Shell! Wootwoo! 4 more to go! Waaaa kailangang ma-kumpleto ko yun just as what I did with the Ferrari Key rings last year and the Ferrari car models in 2007.

So there. Work mode na muna. 200%! lol :))