Receipt Renewal Experience

I haven’t written anything here for nearly a year because I discontinued my one-photo-a-day series after over a decade. Like most of you, I am tired of this pandemic; I lost three dear friends and my paternal grandfather to COVID-19; may their souls rest in peace. πŸ™

Apologies for the gloomy introduction; let me now talk about something we self-employed professionals must do every five years: renew our receipts! Actually, receipt renewal should be done every 4 years and 10 months or at least 60 days before the validity date ends. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay a fine of 1K, and an even bigger one, depending on how late you renew. One of the biggest penalties is 21K if expired receipts are issued!

Before I went to my RDO, I prepared the following:

  1. all my receipt booklets (10), both used and unused; I also removed the copies meant for the client/customer.
  2. a copy of a valid ID with three signatures
  3. a copy of the last page of the tenth booklet; since this is my first set, the last one is receipt #500.
  4. a copy of my COR
  5. a copy of the 1906 form I accomplished almost 5 years ago. If you don’t have this anymore, don’t fret. It’s printed on the last part of each booklet, so you can just have that photocopied.
  6. cash πŸ˜‚

Once you’re at the RDO, do the following:

  1. Get a number for the ATP (Authority to Print receipts/invoices) counter, and wait for it to be called.
  2. Show your receipts to the BIR officer. He/she will check the validity date first.
  3. If you renew on time, submit the copies of your ID, last booklet page, and depending on the officer, COR. I wasn’t asked for the last one, but I know another tutor who submitted it. For late renewals, you’ll have to pay a penalty first, which means you’ll have to fill out a 0605 form. I do not know if this has to be paid at a bank or if you can pay at the actual RDO, but let’s hope you won’t have to! Make sure to renew early, so check your receipts!
  4. You may be asked to find a receipt printing company or in my case, the officer recommended one, with its details already on the 1906 form. I agreed with the recommendation and filled out the rest of the form (name, business name, contact info, etc.). After submitting that to the officer, I was asked to wait. After a few minutes, someone else called me and asked me to pay P1500 for a fresh set of 10 booklets. I was told to wait for 2-3 weeks for my new receipts; I just have to ask the printing company for updates. That’s it! Done in an hour, tops!
  5. If you choose to find your own printer: a fellow tutor was asked to get a Special Power of Attorney before going to an accredited company. Fortunately, there is one near our RDO, so it’s still convenient. Another tutor said that the printer she chose asked for a copy of the original 1906 form, that’s why I prepared it as well.

Some more tips, based on other tutors’ experiences:

  1. Eat before going to your RDO because you may have to wait for a long time. Bringing snacks and/or drinks is also advisable.
  2. Better to go in the morning; in my experience, there were much fewer people at that time. I got my queue number at 8:06 AM.
  3. Be prepared; make sure you have all the requirements! Oh, and some tutors were asked to cut/destroy the remaining receipts, so better bring a pair of scissors. I was ready for this, but surprisingly, I wasn’t asked to do so.
  4. Wear comfy clothes and shoes, in case you have to walk to a bank, law office, and/or printing company.
  5. Be patient! 😊

We don’t know where we’ll be in nearly five years, but this will definitely serve as a guide in case we have to renew receipts again. Until then, stay safe and healthy!πŸ‘Œ


2020 Project 366, Day 366: Last

Photo #366: December 31

6,515 lessons

5,577 student bookmarks

65.5 hours’ worth of demo lessons

7 Good Tutor Awards

“Thank you for another year, KC-sensei!” – some of my loyal students πŸ₯Ί#WeAreRareJobπŸ’š

This caps off my 11th set of Project 365 photos. Not sure if I’ll do this again next year, but 2020 has been tough, and I miss taking pictures while/of traveling, hanging out with friends & family, and attending events. Ah well. Here’s hoping that 2021 will be better! πŸ™


2020 Project 366, Day 364: Sausage Puttanesca

First time to use sausage instead of tuna/anchovies for puttanesca. Also used whole but pitted black olives instead of chopped ones, and I like them! I have sustenance until the year ends na! πŸ˜‚ Unfortunately, I will also be alone on New Year’s Eve/day, so I dunno if I’ll have energy to cook pa. πŸ˜… Anyway, dig in! 🀀


2020 Project 366, Day 359: LED Mirror

The dressers/mirrors at home don’t have good lighting, so it’s difficult to see our faces, especially when putting on makeup. Never thought of buying another, but since I received so many shopping vouchers from work (huhu thank you, RareJob!), I decided to use one of them, and I absolutely love this LED-lighted mirror!!! ☺️


2020 Project 366, Day 358: Welcome Back, Mandi’s!

When Mandi’s Grill Grub closed last year, fellow patrons and I were heartbroken. It was a place where we shared good food and stories with our loved ones. I was there so often that people thought I co-owned the place haha! πŸ˜… It was a tradition for me and my sister to have Christmas Eve lunch there for many years…it was like our second home! ❀️ Glad that they’re somehow back in our lives, bringing happiness to our tummies and hearts! Thank you po, Tito Joy, Tita Lia, and Mandi! Sobrang na miss po namin kayo at ang food niyo! 🀀

On the table: crispy baby back ribs with BΓ©chamel sauce. This dish is dear to me because I helped in perfecting the recipe. πŸ₯°