2016 Project 365, Day 205: Periapical X-ray

Photo #205: July 23

First time to undergo this kind of dental X-ray: periapical. I had to go back to my dentist because the last molar on my right has been quite bothersome and extra painful. Apparently, it was fractured (the fracture line is so faint in the left pic, rightmost tooth), probably by one of my impacted teeth removed last year. I will be saying goodbye to the fractured tooth after my vacay next week. Looks like I’ll be on vacation mode longer than I inted to. Ah well, in the meantime, I shall be loading up on Vitamin C and Zinc, as well as taking antibiotics and pain killers.

IMG_5616 3


2016 Project 365, Day 202: Chef Next Door Season 2 Launch

Photo #202: July 20

One of the best media/press conferences I’ve ever attended because I was with some of the most awesome foodies in the metro, plus hello, we were there to support Chef Jonas, the ever bubbly, engaging, and simply likable host of “Chef Next Door” on the Lifestyle Network! Super fun!❤



2016 Project 365, Day 201: Massive Lapu-lapu

Photo #201: July 19

What’s a good piece of pasalubong from Palawan? Oh nothing in particular, perhaps just this fresh, mammoth lapu-lapu… Hahaha! Thank you so much to my Mandi’s Grill Grub family! :-* What is unique?!!!😀



2016 Project 365, Day 200: Banana Oatmeal Muffin

Photo #200: July 18

This has to be the moistest muffin I’ve ever tasted so far. It’s so good, I felt it was a cupcake! This banana oatmeal muffin was baked by Heart Baker, and yes, as cheesy as it may sound, I truly believe she bakes from the heart. In the background are also her creations, my favorite matcha cookies!❤

IMG_5556 (2)