2016 Project 365, Day 146: Supporting Documents

Photo #146: May 25

Applied for 4 documents today, already have 3 of them. The postal ID will be sent to my given address in 3-4 weeks. Productive day.:) Hoping for some good news tomorrow. If not, well, at least I’m all set for my passport renewal in July! :))))




2016 Project 365, Day 145: Philadelphia Maki

Photo #145: May 24

Raising this piece of Philadelphia maki for my sister, who came to my aid today as I thought there was something wrong with our plumbing system! “In time of test, family is best.”❤

p.s. apparently, a piece of something like a tape strip inside our water tank caused what I thought was going to be a huge headache for me hahaha!😀



2016 Project 365, Day 144: Game of Thrones Support Group

Photo #144: May 23

After watching “The Rains of Castamere” a.k.a. the Red Wedding, I got depressed for nearly a week. I thought that was the worst episode of Game of Thrones but no, they had to break so many people’s hearts again with “The Door.” In case anyone needs support or a channel to vent out their sadness, anger, and other GoT-related feelings, feel free to join this group so we won’t spoil those who have yet to watch the latest episode: https://www.facebook.com/groups/GOTPinas/

Screenshot 2016-05-23 17.11.34