2015 Project 365, Day 333: Omonok Nuggets and Omonin!

Photo #333: November 29

Oh, OMOnok, I’ve missed you!!! I’m so glad you guys are open today!!! <3 To those visiting Lilac St. on weekends, 4 pm onwards, if Omonok is open, make sure to try their Korean-style chicken and super delicious Omo-nin (fried rice)! Thanks for the company, Dang and Gem! <3



2015 Project 365, Day 332: I Got Buffaloed!

Photo #332: November 28

I got buffaloed thanks to Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things! I was able to take a few bites of their wings drenched in the ultimate wingsanity sauce, which is rated at 1 million Scoville heat units! TRAYDOR SIYA (it’s treacherous)!!! Hahaha! I was like, “This is so good,” then all hell broke loose in my mouth! I needed milk to neutralize the heat! What an experience! Burp!!! :D



2015 Project 365, Day 331: Meet DDS Norbeth Bruzo

Photo #331: November 27

A week ago, I felt a bit of pain slash sensitivity in one of the areas where an impacted tooth was extracted, so I decided to go back to the same dentist, DDS Norbeth Bruzo of Marikina Dental (along J.P. Rizal, beside Roosevelt). Moreoever, it was also time for my biannual teeth cleaning (prophylaxis). Nothing serious, just a build-up of food that caused the exposure of (insert dental term here). Haha! I experienced deep-scale cleaning for the first time, and I felt so weak after, especially when the anesthesia wore off! Anyway, I still managed this smile to have a selfie with Dr. Bruzo. She’s one heck of a dentist, I swear! Her goal is to specialize in all dental surgery fields, so she really invests in further education and training. Wish all dentists were like her.



What’s New at Yabu and Ippudo

What makes a restaurant great? Delicious and Instagram-worthy food, acceptable (a.k.a. justifiable) price-serving ratio, and quality service top my list. Yabu: House of Katsu and Ippudo Philippines fit the bill, but they decided to take it a notch further by having two food tasting events in one night! What is food coma?!


Let’s start with Yabu, my favorite restaurant, like ever! :D Based on the invitation, I expected to taste just their new burger, so I was pleasantly surprised when we were served a new drink: lychee and peach iced tea. Normally, lychee-flavored drinks are a red flag for me because they often taste like medicine. However, Yabu’s version is so good, I had to stop myself from drinking too much since we still had a lot of food to devour! Anyway, the lychee flavor is stronger than the peach’s, but it isn’t overpowering nor medicine-like. It definitely goes well with anything spicy!


Yabu’s house blend iced tea is still available, but I think I have a new favorite drink: lychee and peach iced tea!

And speaking of spicy, we also ate mozzarella katsu sticks, which came with a spicy aioli dip. I’ve tasted so many versions of cheese sticks, but Yabu’s take on this sinfully good appetizer is simply breathtaking. Hello, mozzarella!!! From its crunchy golden panko-crusted outside to its delectably cheesy inside… oh dear, I could finish an order (6 pieces, P260) on my own!


These cheesy babies are best eaten with the spicy aioli dip! Yum!

Now, a few months back, I wrote about their latest master class creations: hire and ebi katsu burgers. Unfortunately, the hire katsu burger is no longer available (hoping it would make a comeback, though!), but don’t despair! An even yummier variant has arrived: the MENCHI katsu burger!!! Yabu’s menchi katsu set is one of my favorites even before they had burgers! And my gosh, this new burger is so good, I am contemplating on going back to Yabu today to enjoy it again! To the uninitiated, Yabu’s menchi katsu is made with flavorful ground beef & pork, and two types of creamy cheese (cheddar and harvati)! Like its predecessors, the menchi katsu burger also has Japanese pickles, shiso leaves, and shredded cabbage. Aside from spicy aioli sauce, it also has caramelized onion jam, and everything is sandwiched in toasted brioche buns.


The menchi katsu burger is best enjoyed with Furikake fries with 2 dips: spicy aioli and Furikake, all for P380!


What a cheesy beauty! It’s almost a shame to eat it…not! :p

At this point, I started getting full (wow, started pa lang?! haha!), but off to Ippudo Ramen next! For starters, we had the staple pork and fried chicken buns, and my sister agreed that the latter is more to our liking.


This fried chicken bun is so good that I forgot to take a picture of the pork bun! Both are P125 apiece.

We also had deep-fried gyoza! I am so not a fan of gyoza because every time I attempt to eat it, I get disgusted by the taste of what I think is rotten vegetable paste. However, Ippudo’s version isn’t like that at all! The inside wasn’t pasty and tasted meaty, plus it was garnished with negi (white onion sprouts), spicy mayo, and chili ! It tasted great even without the accompanying ponzu sauce!


5 pieces, P210. Best eaten with any of Ippudo’s ramen variants!

Of course, any of Ippudo’s appetizers are also great ramen sidekicks, so we were also treated to their latest ramen creation: Gyokai Tonkotsu. Ippudo is known for their rich tonkotsu (pork bone) broth, so imagine fusing it with creamy chicken and bonito (a type of fish) flavors. Damn, it’s ramen perfection! I would normally add freshly ground garlic, pepper, and sesame seeds to my ramen, but the gyokai tonkotsu doesn’t need any flavor enhancement! I slurped the wavy noodles and broth away like a real Japanese would! Every bowl has generous servings of bamboo shoots and cabbage, plus nori, a half slice of soft boiled tamago (egg), and soft, thinly-sliced chasyu (pork). The gyokai tonkotsu is seasoned with yuzukoshō, a type of Japanese seasoning made from chili, yuzu (a citrus fruit), and salt.


Ramen perfection! P490

Finally, we capped off this humongous gastronomic event with Ippudo’s matcha crème brûlée. It was my sister’s first time to try it, and she was left speechless! Even though she was already full, she managed to eat a lot of this beautifully crafted dessert! :)


Foodie piece of advice: don’t share this with anyone haha! Bitin eh! :p

Indeed, it was a great night filled with splendid food and fun company! Thank you, Candice and Yuan! Looking forward to more food journeys with Yabu and Ippudo next year! <3


L-R: my friend Mark, yours truly, Yuan, Candice, my sister Kate, Rey of Lifestyle Bucket, and Cristelle of Girl and Boy Thing. :)




2015 Project 365, Day 329: Yabu x Ippudo

Photo #329: November 25

Had a really fun time with my sister, Marcky (my darling haha), fellow bloggers, and of course the awesome marketing team of Yabu: House of Katsu and Ippudo Philippines! Most of us felt like it was our last meal because we ate so much delicious food! Until next time!!! <3