2016 Project 365, Day 294: Eating Someone

Photo #294: October 20

Topic: food
Exercise: describe the picture

Student: She asked him to eat someone.
Me: SOMEONE? Do you mean somewhere?!
Student: Oh so sorry, I am hungry!

I then go on to teach him the words “cannibalism” and “cannibal.”:D



2016 Project 365, Day 292: Japanese Backdrop

Photo #292: October 18

Despite working homebased, I still feel like I have colleagues, thanks toRareJob Philippines, Inc.‘s tutor gatherings. Through one of those events, I met some of my fellow free trial lesson tutors, including this cutie pie, Chris.πŸ˜€ But seriously, having them in my life motivates me to become a better educator as we help each other, even train each other if needed (ehem, audit)! Also, I’d love to have the same background as Chris’ hahaha! =p



2016 Project 365, Day 290: Omonok Ramen

Photo #290: October 16

Thank you for my dinner tonight, OMOnok! Please have this ramen with Spam on your menu soon! I’ll gladly order it with cheese! ^^ You should also consider offering Gem’s iced coffee!

p.s. Omonok is also currently selling some Pokemon stuffed toys of different sizes! Gotta catch ’em all!πŸ˜€