2015 Project 365, Day 141: Shippam’s Salmon Spread + Balai Pandesal’s Bonete

Photo #141: May 21

Tiny food sometimes packs the most flavor, and the same can be said for Shippam’s salmon spread & Balai Pandesal’s bonete. I bought the former at Landmark Trinoma, and I was really surprised that it’s quite good! It’s like super finely ground salmon flesh that’s then put together again, creating a “meaty” spread. Heck, it tastes much better than canned salmon! On the other hand, the bonete pandesal is a treat from Marc, and even without any kind of spread, it does taste great! Needless to say, these two make a great gastronomic pair! :D

image (2)


2015 Project 365, Day 140: Indian Mangoes

Photo #140: May 20

At least 20 years ago, my father planted the seed of a really sweet mango. We’ve been enjoying the mango tree’s fruits for several years now, and they are always very sweet! I have no tree climbing skills, but I can still enjoy these lovely mangoes thanks to the Juan Tamad method: I simply pick up the fallen fruits! I’ve been eating these juicy babies since last night, and I can’t wait to get more! :D Sarap!

image (1)


2015 Project 365, Day 138: Spy

Photo #138: May 18

I totally had low expectations for “Spy” because based on its trailer, it seemed to have the usual slapstick humor from other action-comedy films. However, my friends and I really enjoyed watching it! I burped thrice when the movie ended, probably because of all the air in my tummy after laughing so much! :)))) Thank you so much for the tickets, 20th Century Fox!



2015 Project 365, Day 137: Patio Vera

Photo #137: May 17

Leo and I have been wanting to try Patio Vera for some time now, and we finally visited this lovely place today! So far, it is the best looking restaurant I’ve encountered in Marikina! It’s an ideal place for dates or fancy meet-ups! Seriously, ang GANDA talaga! :) Their food is a bit pricey, though. However, the dishes (based on what we had) came in hefty servings. This is just a condensed description, so I will definitely find time to write a complete blog post for Patio Vera! :)

P.S. What we ate: Dinamito (stuffed jalapeños with cheese and ground longganisa), Pasta Negra with calamares, carbonara (one of the best I’ve ever eaten!), liempo, and turones with coco jam. Muy delicioso!