2016 Project 365, Day 120: Mad House Diner

Photo #120: April 29

Had lunch at Mad House Diner earlier, thanks to an elementary school batchmate, SALENG! Scholasticans represent! Haha! Nicknames and resto names may change, but one thing’s for sure: yummy food need not be expensive! I especially enjoyed the sloppy fries, fried chicken, and butterfly iced tea! MHD is located along Rainbow Street, right before Casa Feliz.:)



2016 Project 365, Day 119: Yelp Manila Elite Squad!

Photo #119: April 28

Last year, a high school batchmate encouraged me to use Yelp, but I did not listen to her. However, some of my fellow Food Crawlers influenced me to join, so last March, I created my account. After a little over a month, I’m now part of the Yelp Manila Elite Squad!!! Woohoo! I’m excited to join their events soon! Thank you Laurice and Micah for the push!:)



2016 Project 365, Day 117: Trader Joe’s Cookies & Creme Cookie Butter

Photo #117: April 26

Dear Trader Joe, this is probably your most sinfully good spread everrrr. Good job! Hahaha! Thanks to my folks for sending this. Huhu it’s so yummy!❤



2016 Project 365, Day 116: Street Repair

Photo #116: April 25

“Change is coming.”

“Ang tuwid na daan.” (The straight road.)

Those political statements may or may not push through, but one thing’s for sure: change is happening on our street as its much needed repair has begun. However, I will not be able to drive for at least one month huhu! So I will need to walk to a certain point to either ride a jeepney/tricycle/FX or meet my Uber ride if I have to go somewhere. Also, I our Mazda’s registration will have to be delayed (a.k.a. hello late reg fee). Sigh. Patience.




2016 Project 365, Day 115: The Food Crawlers at Red Baron Ribs and Steaks

Photo #115: April 24

Thank you so much to Red Baron Ribs and Steaks for such an awesome lunch today! Their steaks are affordable and tasty! I also enjoyed their… okay, watch out for my vlog na lang hahaha! Thank you, Joyce! Much love from The Food Crawlers! :-*