2015 Project 365, Day 88: Of Boardgames and Curry

Photo #188: March 29

Spent 7 hours playing different games at Ludo: Boardgame Bar & Cafe! We are now addicted to “Splendor”! Too bad Chesca had to go home early, but we’ll surely go back to try other games! Leo, Sham, and I then decided to head on over to Capitol Commons, and had dinner at CoCo Ichibanya PH. A day well-spent with friends! <3



2015 Project 365, Day 87: The Philippine Science Centrum

Photo #87: March 28

I am humbled to have met the bloggers behind Inside Marikina (Migs), Marikeno (Wencel), and Marikenya.com (Ms. Mhel). Thank you for inviting me to explore science with you at the Philippine Science Centrum! :) For those who would like to visit, it is located in the ECOM building at Riverbanks, Marikina. The regular entrance fee is P130, but if you visit from April 6-June 30, you can get in for only P65 – a whopping 50% discount! Teachers can be admitted for free as long as you bring your ID. :)



The Yabu Don Series

This is actually the 82nd entry for my 2015 Project 365, but since this is about my favorite restaurant, I’m making an exception. :)

I first learned about Yabu: House of Katsu through one of my favorite food bloggers, The Pickiest Eater. I was actually a bit late in experiencing Yabu, but ever since my first visit, I already knew that it is a place I would highly recommend to anyone! I’ve converted a lot of friends into “Yabu-natics” as well! :D

IMG_1748 (2)

My dates for the private tasting event. Team G! :)

Earlier, I was fortunate enough to be one of the first people to try their upcoming master class creations: the Yabu Don Series. We were introduced to two kinds: Katsu Curry and Salmon. A little more on those later. :)


Taken from Yabu’s Facebook page. :) #TheYabuDonSeries

While waiting for those dishes, my friends and I feasted on some appetizers and cocktails. The appetizers included Yabu’s fresh shredded cabbage, hot miso soup, really yummy wakame salad, and healthy edamame. Yabu’s miso soup is the only miso soup I enjoy, so as usual, I had more than one serving! For the cabbage, my preferred dressing is the vinaigrette. The wakame salad was really delicious; I’ll definitely order it the next time I dine at Yabu! It’s so good-looking as well! :D The green seaweed made a great contrast to the bright orange ebiko! So cute! <3


Pretty and yummy: wakame salad with ebiko!

At first, it was difficult to eat the edamame pods, since the outer part was quite tough to chew. However, I finally decided to simply eat the beans inside the pods as my “pulutan” haha! And what’s pulutan without alcohol, or at least, cocktails?! We were asked to choose between Kiyohime & Honshea, and I chose the former. It got even better when I added more iced tea (aside from the cocktails, we were also given unlimited iced tea or lemonade)! :D


Cheers! :D

And now for the main event! :D The Katsu Curry Don was served first. More specifically, it was Rosu or porkloin with a bit of fat. It was on a bed of mozarella cheese, yummy curry, and Japanese rice. The dish was served in a hot stone pot, so we had to be quick in taking photographs so that the rice won’t be burnt! We were skeptical about mixing the entire thing at first, but upon tasting it, we died and went to cheesy curry heaven! :D It was so good as the cheese held the ensemble of meaty & curry flavors together! If you love Yabu’s original Katsu curry sets, you’ll love this even more! Hello, MOZARELLA CHEESE! That’s enough to make my mouth water! It’s so beautiful and delicious that I almost cried from sheer joy!!! :’)


Rosu Katsu Curry Don

Next was the Salmon Don, and I was initially terrified when it was described to us: it had Teriyaki sauce. I’ve tried a lot of Teriyaki dishes that do not agree with my taste buds, so I’m not a fan. However, since I love salmon (and Yabu, of course hehe), I braced myself, and after tasting it, I felt ashamed of even thinking that Yabu’s Teriyaki sauce wouldn’t be that good! The sweetness wasn’t overpowering, plus the sesame seeds helped in making the rice even more delectable. And the salmon? It was medium well, the perfect way to cook salmon! It was even accompanied by pink & delicate salmon roe and crunchy salmon skin bits!


Salmon Don

Both donburi sets will be available on March 25, and will come with the usual unlimited servings of cabbage, fruits, miso soup, and plain Japanese rice. Aside from Rosu, the Katsu Curry Don will also have Hire (tenderloin) and chicken options. In addition, you’ll get a chance to win a trip to Japan when you order any of these amazing dishes! I’ve said this over and over again, but I’ll never get tired of saying that Yabu is my favorite restaurant because they have outstanding food, a nice ambiance, friendly staff, and above all, QUALITY SERVICE. <3