bonding with astro sibs

Good Friday with Kate and Ian:

– bisita Iglesia
– Marist School Chapel
– St. Paul of the Cross Parish
– Concepcion Church
– Church along Katipunan Road (the one near La Vista)
– UP Chapel – ate ice cream there, yummy ^-^
– Chapel somewhere in Anonas
– UST Church
– visited our grandparents in Novaliches, ate more ice cream hehe
– drove to Makati and Antipolo, wala lang trip lang naming mag-drive..malapit na ring maging licensed driver si Ian so practice, practice, practice! =)

Easter Sunday with Ian:

– after church, went to SM Marikina
– ate, ate, ate :))
– watched Dragonball Z Evolution
– went book-shopping at NBS
– went to Metro East to buy some groceries and car chemicals
– had dinner at home with Mom and Kate, at nag-ice cream pa ulit

ANG INIT AMFUFU. haha =) had fun with my sibs =)

complete pics HERE.


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