Bonggalicious Easter, everyone! =)

And what a way to “celebrate” – I just won a P500 GC from Goldilocks on The Morning Rush =)

Pagpasok ko ng Enterprise, Chico asked for a caller to join this new promo. Eh ako, I dialled agad, nyak, News @ 17 pa pala so I didn’t get to hear the mechanics of the promo hahaha adeek. Anyways, I still patiently dialled and waited, thinking Delle would help me out since it’s a new promo hehe. Now I couldn’t find a piece of paper to write whatever it was I had to say so I wrote it on my left hand! Hehe! Eto siya o:adeek!

Adeek eh no. Bumabawi lang. I didn’t get to win the earlier Goldilocks promo – the one with the acronym thing. So buena mano ako dito ngayon hehe! =)

Have a bonggalicious week ahead, everyone! =)

p.s. for those who want to win, here’s what you have to say: 1) Give a way to chill this summer and 2) say what’s written on my left hand hahaha =D This summer, mag-thirst quencher and experience chillig! You’re the #1, Goldilocks! =)


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