Astroboy Awards – Award #1

I remember reading a story in the Chicken Soup for The Soul At Work about recognizing people’s efforts. The author decided to give out a stray penny to a co-employee, simply for being a great person (yata haha). Anyways, the author was surprised that the recipient of the penny actually kept the penny and even displayed it on his office desk. Soon, some of their other co-employees were waiting to recieve “Penny Awards” as well. So the author decided to randomly dish out Awards to any co-employee who deserves recognition, even for the simplest things like being on time, making great coffee, wearing a nice attire, etc.

Anyways, that story inspired me to do this. Being recognized in any way can inspire or motivate people to their best in anything. So I’ll be dishing out random awards to people whom I think deserve to be recognized hehe. Or puwede ring an action, an event, a product, etc. which I would like to share with you.

The first award – the Karir Award – goes to…


Do I need to introduce this guy pa ba?! Haha! Anyways for all of you who do not know him (and I’m guessing there’s only a few of you out there), Oscar dela Hopia is the incomparable (o ha o ha!) innocent pervert of The Morning Rush (that’s on RX 93.1!). He is my Golden Pamangkin in the Familia Umaga y Arriba Forumera (you can check out The Morning Rush Forum to get to know more about that awesome family). So why give him this award?

Last Monday kasi, we were text bonding and I realized how much this guy makes “karir” everything he needs to do – making really cool wallpapers, moderating posts, sending Top Ten entries, studying Nihongo, listening to all other RX programs and a lot more. Plus, even if we have different bets on American Idol, he still made this awesome signature for me, depicting my ardent love for Adam Lambert. Karir di ba?! Such a sweet guy. =)

So there. One award down. Hopefully, many more to go hehe!

Ok, goodbye! Happy weekend, everyone! 🙂

*thank you to Oscar de la Hopia for the wonderful pic!!! love it!!!


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