Early Valentine treats :)

Well, I just want to call all of them early valentine treats, even if only one could be considered as such hehe!

First, I won the Goldilocks promo on The Morning Rush last Tuesday! Ang funny ni Delle, she said (off air) that my name sounds like a bold star daw.😀 Anyways, ah, the power of positive thinking! The night before, I told my mom about the promo and of course she made suporta agad haha!😀 Thanks to Blue Ritz for giving me a copy of my air time.🙂

Second, on the same day, a fellow RX listener, Swit Joe, brought me some carbonara!🙂

Third, last night, I had dinner with some Rusher friends, namely Mr. Perk, Dru, Mojacko, Caramello, Czarovic, and Kalai Roswell. We had fun at SpaghettI Factory and Gelatissimo🙂

Finally, kanina lang, Swit Joe brought me some pasta again! This time, he included some garlic bread and buko pandan salad. He also brought some for Czarovic🙂

With friends such as them, who says being single sucks?🙂

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