The week before my birthday week :)

This week has been really great! Well, it started a bit off because I was sick last Monday and Tuesday, but otherwise, I really had a fun week.

March 8 – I really didn’t feel good, I think I had the flu. And we had one really difficult topic at work, which made my head ache even more. I had to go home early to rest. 

March 9 – I wasn’t 100% okay, but I felt so much better when Red Ribbon brought some pastries and coffee for our office! See, they have this promo on RX 93.1 – the Hot Brews promo – which I joined and I even asked my other colleagues to join. One of my former teammates, Geraldine, won! It was really nice to share my lucky streak lol :p Her answer to the question (when is the best time to have a coffee break) was: when all the cute guys are in the lounge! Haha! 😀 

March 10 – I had to make habol a lot of my QA work. We have a new system kasi, so medyo naninibago pa. I had merienda with Mojacko and Czarovic 🙂 

March 11 – ah, this day was the best day of this week for me. First, my ninong promised to give me a new digicam as a birthday gift! Second, a fellow Rusher whom I met only once gave me another birthday gift (she already gave me one when we met last week, which I haven’t opened yet), she brought me some goodies from Conti’s! Lastly, my former team, the Yellow Team, won the last best team of the month award (for Feb) – we will be having individual awards na kasi this term. I felt that it was already my birthday because of all that happened!

 March 12 – It’s a Friday and yet I still have essays! It’s very unusual for me to still be checking my essays on a Friday, since I normally finish checking my essays by Wednesday or Thursday. Slow week talaga for me. But I still managed to have fun and smile because of so many kilig moments with my office crush, bonding with some fellow Rushers, and making kulitan with my officemates.

8 days left before I reach my second tiger cycle! As always, I am excited to celebrate my birthday. Once a year lang ang birthday natin, kaya I make it a point to celebrate. Life is short! 🙂



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