Project 366 – Year 2012: Day 48

Photo #48: February 17

I woke up at around 8 this morning and when I checked my messages, the first one was from Oscar Delahopia, all-caps pa – “MAY KINIKILIG!!!!!” and the second one was from Leo, “Hi, dear! Guess who won the Mcdo promo?” Woohoo! Leo won P1, 000 worth of Mcdonald’s GCs just for singing the “Hooray for today” song! He changed some lines to “Hooray for astroboyisgay…’coz everyday she makes me smile, when we’re together it’s like we’re flying!” Gaaaaah. I’m so kilig! ^^ FYI, astroboyisgay is my twitter handle haha 🙂 I love you, Leo! :-* Grabbed this picture from McDo‘s fan page 😀 Hooray! 🙂



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