My 2014 in Review

For the past two years, I’ve been writing year-end posts that focus on the highlights of each month. This year, I’ll try something different and focus on stuff that I am really passionate about or events that have greatly affected my life.


One of the things I have a great passion for is food. Hello, obvious naman sa katawan di ba?! Haha! I love exploring new dining places, particularly within Marikina. I’ve written about many of them here on Facebook or on my blog, and I really enjoy sharing my experiences about food with other people. I find great pleasure in being a guide whenever my friends decide to have a food trip in Marikina! It’s also nice to receive messages or comments from my readers, especially when they thank me for writing about a certain place or dish. I feel like a professional food blogger! Haha! 😀

From (kulang pa yan! haha!)

From (kulang pa yan! haha!)


My best friend!

My best friend! 🙂

Exploring dining places is best experienced with friends! My closest friends are already like my “second immediate” family members! This year, I realized that I have found my best friend a.k.a. the sole member (so far, but I think someone’s joining him soon haha) of the “Sagip Single Foundation”: Mark (a.k.a. @toniomarkopio). He is the first person I would invite whenever I win tickets to a movie premiere or any event that is held on a weeknight as my boyfriend is on the night shift. He is such a fun person to be with that I sometimes wonder why he’s still single! Haha! Reto ko sa inyo, single ladies out there! 😀 Aside from him, my friendship with “Team G” has also solidified even if Levi and Eds have so many cheesy moments hahaha =p But what I value the most is our teamwork every time there’s  a contest wherein the prize/s is/are awesome! 😀

Team G!Team G!


Late last year, I started to be part of the corporate world again. However, because of the differences I had with my then boss, I decided to resign. It was the most crucial yet best decision I made as my heart was at peace the day after my resignation. The work was great, the pay was awesome, and my colleagues were fun to be with, but my boss was…ah never mind. Suffice it to say, I do not want to work with someone who doesn’t make me happy. In September of this year, I started to work as an online ESL teacher for Japanese students, and it has been great so far! Actually, things continue to become better as I even received an award within 3 months! I am a social butterfly, so talking to my students is a great way for me to exercise what I’m good at while having fun! My schedule is also very flexible, and no one bugs me during weekends!

Then of course, there’s my love life…my Leo! We celebrated our 4th anniversary in July. We had so much fun especially since it was our first time to celebrate it out of town – in Tagaytay. I am lucky to have him because he is so thoughtful and patient, even when I have mood swings! Haha! I love you, dear! :-* Thank you for all the support and love!

My dear <3My dear ❤

2014 has been a great year. I am looking forward to even greater moments in 2015!


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