The Yabu Don Series Continues: Gyudon

Last March, Yabu: House of Katsu introduced two master class creations: the Curry Katsu & Salmon Don sets. Both are extremely flavorful donburi meals that will surely make you ask for more rice! Actually, my friends and I have a “Yabu Don hack”: ask for a bowl of Japanese rice along with your initial order, so you can mix it into the cheesy & beefy curry rice or the Teriyaki rice of the Salmon Don!  That way, you would still fully experience the well-balanced flavors of each Don. And now, you will have even more difficulty in choosing which Don to devour because starting today, Yabu will also offer a third one: the classic GYUDON. Have you started drooling?! 😀

Taken from Yabu's Facebook page. :)

Taken from Yabu’s Facebook page. 🙂

Like the private tasting event we attended for the first two Don creations, we started with some appetizers first. I chose two of their salads: potato and wakame. Those two are already so filling! In hindsight, I should have chosen the spinach salad instead of the heavier potato salad! 😀 I still finished them, though! Ako pa! 😀

Delectable appetizers! <3

Delectable appetizers! ❤

I wasn’t even halfway through my appetizers when the Gyudon set was served, and here’s a picture to excite your gustatory imagination:



And of course, I just had to take a video of breaking its beautifully poached egg (you can request for a sunny side-up, but it will be served separately instead of being on top of the Gyudon):

The smell of Yabu’s Gyudon will definitely whet anyone’s appetite, but at the same time, you’ll be itching to snap a photo or more because it is highly photogenic! The dark brown beef makes a good background for the brownish-white onion shreds and black & white sesame seeds. The earthy tones are a stark contrast to the chopped onion sprouts’ beautiful green hue. And if you need more color, you can mix in the separately served red ginger, which I failed to take a proper picture of because I started eating already! 😀 The grilled U.S. beef belly slices were already tasty even without the honey soy sauce, but it was a great feeling to have control over the sauce since it was served separately. It had the right balance of sweet and salty flavors, and when mixed into the Gyudon, each spoonful will remind you why Yabu continues to be the best! 😀

On the upper right corner, you'll get a glimpse of the red ginger!

On the upper right corner, you’ll get a glimpse of the red ginger!

While finishing our Gyudon, we were surprised to know that we would also be treated to a new dessert: Kuromitsu. There is always room for dessert, especially ice cream! More specifically, the Kuromitsu is composed of two scoops of vanilla ice cream on a bed of thick black honey. They are surrounded by powdered soybean and showered with very crunchy almond pieces, which I absolutely loved! However, your taste buds will have to wait until the Kuromitsu’s introduction on May 18. It will be worth the wait, so hang in there!!!

Kuromitsu: a great way to beat the summer heat!

Kuromitsu: a great way to beat the summer heat!

What made this private tasting even more special? Our gracious hosts, Candice, Yuan, and Mayer! They made me and my best friend feel like we’re very much part of the Yabu family already! Haha! See that’s one of the things I really love about Yabu; they make you feel like a VIP! ❤

image (8)

With some of the wonderful people behind Yabu! ❤

And what does a VIP eat? Something that’s worth every peso like the Yabu Gyudon set, which you could enjoy for only P495. It already comes with unlimited rice, cabbage, miso soup, and fruits. Better set a date with your family, significant other, or even your best friend! A Yabu meal is always best enjoyed with someone you love! ❤

Matchy-matchy with my BFF!

Matchy-matchy with my BFF!


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