Brad and Pit’s Ribshack

Lilac Street in SSS Village Marikina continues to grow gastronomically as there seems to be a new munch place every month, and for a foodie like me, I don’t mind it at all! ūüėÄ The latest craze to hit Marikina’s version of Maginhawa Street is Brad and Pit’s Ribshack, and yes, they serve ribs! Last week, I, along with Roni of All Over Marikina and Migs of Inside Marikina, was able to finally try this Cuban-themed dining place – a far cry from the originally Chinese-themed restaurant that it replaced (East Harbour).

Perfect for barkadas or even families! 

Perfect for barkadas or even families!


Upon entering, I was impressed with how the place looks. It’s such a stark contrast to its predecessor because of its¬†vibrant vibe and cool¬†decorations. The place is inspired by the movie, “Chef,” where the lead character decided to pursue his passion for Cuban cuisine. The walls are adorned with quotes written in chalk, while¬†nostalgic items¬†surround the area, such as old beer bottles, one of the first Nokia phone models, a Nintendo family computer, vinyl records, an analog TV, and other vintage stuff. I also like their cute makeshift lamps! ūüôā

So pogi naman my date!  

So pogi naman my date! ‚̧





Aren't these makeshift lamps pretty?  

Aren’t these makeshift lamps pretty? ‚̧


Their menu is written on a long blackboard, and aside from ribs, they also serve wings, some sides, and milkshakes! I was so curious to try the Cubano sandwich, but since we would be eating rice, I told myself, “Next time!” :p

Hmmm! What to order?! 

Hmmm! What to order?!


A recent addition to their menu is the classic fish and chips, which are actually fries that reminded me of Mcdonald’s! Even if they were a bit soggy, they still tasted good. The fish was just ordinary, but unlike the breaded fish of other restaurants, Brad & Pit’s breading was light, so I could still taste the actual fish. At P175 per serving, it’s quite a good catch (literally and figuratively hehe). I hope they could serve it with tartar sauce, though.

Fish and chips...errr fries! :p 

Fish and chips…errr fries! :p


Next, we tried their wings. P200 for 6 pairs is a bit pricey for me, but they tasted great! They weren’t too spicy nor too oily, and they were served with honey mustard. Brad and Pit’s¬†also offers¬†combo meals priced at P149: that’s a pair of wings with one side and rice.

Seriously good wings! Sarap! 

Seriously good wings! Sarap!


Whether they’re spicy or not, wings go well with milkshakes! Okay, maybe alcoholic drinks are the best partners, but hey, the heat has been unbearable these days, so milkshakes will do! I asked for strawberry, but you can also choose from chocolate and vanilla.

Beat the heat! 

Beat the heat!


Finally, we were presented with a huge serving of ribs, aptly called the “Rib Mountain.” These babies come in 4 serving options: small, medium, large, and extra large. According to co-owner Bradley, ours was the medium serving. We were like, “Medium?! Paano pa kaya ‘yung extra large – doble nito?!” (Medium? What more if this were the extra large serving – double this size?!) This size is suited for 2-3 people already, and at P385, it’s such a steal! Though the meat isn’t the fall-off-the-bone kind, the ribs were still flavorful enough. They are best paired with Brad and Pit’s specialty rice:¬†cargo and burrito. Actually, the latter isn’t included on their menu as of this writing, but IT’S SO GOOD! I could eat the rice on its own! :p

The medium Rib Mountain! 

The Rib Mountain!



Another angle…sorry I wasn’t able to take better pictures!


Brad and Pit’s Ribshack is located at 116 Lilac Street, very near the bridge connecting Soliven and Lilac. They are open from 12 noon until 11 pm from Tuesday to Sunday. It’s a good place to indulge in affordable ribs and chill with your buddies or family!

Like them on Facebook for more updates! 

Like them on Facebook for more updates!



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