2015 Project 365, Day 196: Bacon Mushroom Juicy Lucy Burger

Photo #196: July 15

The number of burger joints in Marikina is continuously rising, and even if I’m not really a burger person, I somehow have been on the hunt for the best burgers near me. Cheddar Burst Burgers Marikina is the newest burger place along Lilac Street, and the smell of freshly-cooked burgers was enough to make my mouth water while waiting for my order to be taken! They have both classic style & juicy Lucy burgers that come in two patty sizes: quarter & half pound. I tried the bacon mushroom juicy Lucy first, with a separate order of bay-seasoned fries and below zero Kettle Brew beer. I am not really a beer drinker, but the appeal of BZB was just too much to resist!!! I was expecting the burger to be humongous, but I was a bit disappointed because I could buy bigger burgers that taste as good and are already served with fries from other Marikina dining places. However, I could forgive them for that because the burger I ordered was really good! Haha! “Lucy” was indeed juicy and cheesy! I also enjoyed my fries, even without the aoili dip, which was yummy as well. And the beer? It tastes much better than San Mig! ^^ CBB is located beside Trick’s Resto, almost in front of Manila Wings and Bali Bliss. ^^



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