2015 Project 365, Day 214: Red’s Fish Heads

Photo #214: August 2

Finally tried Red’s Fish Heads, and though the place doesn’t look appetizing enough for me, I was greatly impressed with their food! They offer winner Filipino dishes that are good for sharing and relatively cheap! Leo and I tried their pork sinigang, fish lumpia, and gising gising.

Upon seeing the sinigang, we thought it had too much soup, but it actually had a decent amount of pork. The broth was good!!! We didn’t need chili-patis anymore. Wish it could have more vegetables, though.

The fish lumpia was so….fishy! Hahaha! But it was good as well. One order has 7 pieces & comes with a sweet-sour dipping sauce.

It was a good decision to order a vegetable dish to make up for the sinigang’s lack in such, and we tried Red’s gising-gising! Nakakagising ang sarap (The taste can awaken you)! It was spicy and had a good mix of green beans, meat, and coconut milk. It surprisingly went well with the first two dishes! ^^

Another thing Red’s could improve is the attitude of their staff. They weren’t rude, but rather exhibited perfunctory courtesy. It would be better if they could be sincerely warmer & friendlier towards their customers. đŸ™‚

Finally, I noticed that most of the diners were oldies. When I pointed that out to Leo, he pondered, “What does that say about me? I chose this restaurant!” Hahaha! ^^

image (4)


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