Yabu: House of Katsu Burgers!

I’ve mentioned this time and time again: Yabu: House of Katsu is and will always be my favorite restaurant. Everything from their food to their service is just amazing, yet they always strive to do more. Resting on their laurels is never an option, and their latest master class creations prove why they are indeed, the house of Katsu…burgers, that is. Yes, diners can now enjoy their katsu with less (this is relative haha) carbo guilt and enjoy two kinds of burgers: Hire (pork cutlet) and Ebi (shrimp) Katsu.

I expected a slider burger...prepare to be wowed!

I expected a slider burger…prepare to be wowed!

How many times have you been disappointed upon seeing a burger that’s very different from its advertisements? Most burgers are usually smaller and much less elegant looking than promised in promotional materials. When I saw Yabu’s burger teasers, I actually thought they were sliders – burgers (or sandwiches) that come in a smaller size. My jaw almost dropped (well, maybe it actually did) when I saw the new katsu burgers! They’re bigger than what I anticipated them to be and as yummy looking as in Yabu’s pictures!!!


Which should I try first?!

I first tried the Hire Katsu Burger, and oh my goodness! My first bite brought about a burst of flavor even though I hadn’t chewed it yet! The juiciness is there even without chewing much, so it just kept getting better! This burger has shredded cabbage, shiso (a Japanese herb) leaves, Japanese pickles, Yabu’s signature tonkatsu sauce, and caramelized onion jam all sandwiched in a toasted Brioche bun. The vegetables add even more crunch to the burger, while the sauce & jam contribute a tangy flavor that completes this yummy ensemble!

The Hire Katsu Burger before dissection.

The Hire Katsu Burger before dissection.

Just look at that meaty perfection!

Just look at that meaty perfection!

Next is the Ebi Katsu Burger, and being a shrimp slash prawn lover, it’s automatic for me to love it! Hahahaha! I’ve tried other shrimp/prawn burgers but none of them have as much CHUNKY goodness as Yabu’s version! I suggest that when you order this, have it sliced in half so you can appreciate it in all its crustacean glory (minus the shell lol)! The Ebi Katsu burger is filled with chunks of Tiger prawns (not minced and no extenders!), the same vegetables found in the Hire Katsu burger, and spicy aioli (this one’s a winner!) instead of tonkatsu sauce.

Watch that drip! Watch it nae nae! Just kidding; that's the spicy aioli sauce that's definitely a yay yay!

Watch that drip! Watch it nae nae! Just kidding; that’s the spicy aioli sauce, which is definitely a yay yay!

I am so glad that I do not have a shrimp allergy!

I am so glad that I am not allergic to shrimp!

Both burgers are held by a stick that also functions as a mini spatula, which you can use to add more tonkatsu or spicy aioli sauce to your burger. In addition, you can choose from either Chicken Salad or Furikake French Fries as a side. Hello, burgers aren’t complete without sides! Haha!

Two burgers, two sides. Is it a sin to order all of them?! Haha!

Two burgers, two sides. Is it a sin to order all of them?! Haha!

The Chicken Salad has long been part of Yabu’s menu, but it was my first time to taste it last night. It has different colorful shredded vegetables, a generous amount of shredded chicken, and crispy wanton bits, with a wasabi dressing that’s really good!

Yummy and healthy chicken salad!

Yummy and healthy chicken salad!

Furikake is a kind of Japanese seasoning that is usually sprinkled on rice, but Yabu’s idea is much better: Furikake French Fries! It’s hard to describe the taste, but Furikake is usually a mix of seaweed, ground fish, salt, sugar, and other spices or flavorings. It’s salty-sweet-fishy, a perfect partner to Yabu’s thick steak fries. An ala carte order comes with regular aioli sauce, which is as yummy as the spicy version.

The Furikake Fries can also be ordered ala carte for only P175!

The Furikake French Fries can also be ordered ala carte for only P175! Definitely not your ordinary fries!

Yabu now houses burgers, but they will be available for a limited time only, so I intend to enjoy them as many times as possible!!! It’s difficult to pick which burger I prefer more, but here’s a little tip: if you want to get full but still feel light, go for the Ebi Katsu Burger. 🙂 Both are definitely worth every peso: P360 for the Hire Katsu, P420 for the Ebi Katsu. They’re so good that I almost shouted, “Cowa-BURGER!” Hahahaha! Many thanks once again to Yabu’s awesome marketing tandem, Candice and Yuan, who always make me feel part of their extended family! ❤

Power marketing team!

Power marketing team!


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