2015 Project 365, Day 319: A Touching Message <3

Photo #319: November 15

Rough translation: “Hi! This is Prancess Manahan. Your blog is nice and inspiring. You are also very good at expressing yourself on video. I could not help but send a message: just like you, I am also a Scholastican and UP graduate, plus I also worked at Rare Job! If you’re frequently in UP, we can hopefully meet you in person. We both like food! My partner (a culinary instructor) and I would like to invite you to our eatery in Area 2, even just to talk or visit. Thank you. I hope you’d notice this message even though I know you have a lot of activities and other things to do. Thank you for reading. If not here, you can text or call me anytime. Thanks again.”

Dear Prancess, it is I who should do the thanking! I got teary-eyed after reading your message, and you inspire me to do better and continue doing what I love: sharing information on what’s good or not, particularly when it comes to food! I am looking forward to meeting you! See you soon! ❀

p.s. Many thanks as well to all those who supportΒ What the F – my blog and YouTube channel! You guys rock!!! ❀

Screenshot 2015-11-15 20.56.23


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