Foozap: Restaurant Information in a Zap!

How can food make people become closer to each other?”

As an online English tutor, I sometimes have students who request for a simulation of the IELTS speaking test, and the question above is for part 3. Almost all would say that talking about food (especially while eating) brings people closer together, and I quite agree. So when food and “usap” (talk) are combined, what do we get? FOOZAP!


So what is Foozap? It’s a website (and app) that was conceived to address the need for accurate information on Metro Manila dining establishments, particularly through user reviews and photos. Although it only started last year, Foozap has been steadily gaining popularity among foodies (Foozies?) because it’s easy to use and navigate. Personally, I like it because of all the yummy pictures I see on my feed, plus I get to exercise my writing skills! 😀

Screenshot 2016-01-26 02.17.18

Currently, Foozap features data on 10, 000 restaurants, and they aim to have more reviews, pictures, and information from partner restaurants in the future. You can access the site here or you can download the app on Google Play. You can also follow my account to check out the reviews I’ve written so far! With Foozap, you don’t just talk about good food; you can also connect with other foodies & restaurants and strengthen family ties & friendships by eating together, and basically Foozapping together! 🙂



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