2016 Project 365, Day 186: Philippine Postal ID

Photo #186: July 4

Happy to have received my postal ID today – just a little over a month since I applied for it. I love the little holographic mailmen! ^^ Just like a driver’s license, this is valid for 3 years. In case anyone’s interested to know, here’s what I did:

1) I went to the Marikina post office (right beside the city hall), along with my NSO birth certificate and baranggay clearance (original ones & photocopies; the original birth certificate will be returned, don‘t worry). For a list of accepted documents and IDs as proof of your identity and address, click HERE.

2) I asked for and filled out the application form, which needs to be photocopied as well (there is a photocopier available, if you don’t mind paying P3 per copy).

3) You’ll be asked to pay P504, then your picture will be taken. The assigned picture taker will also confirm the details you have included in your application form. You will also be fingerprinted.

4) Wait for at least 4 weeks for the delivery of your postal ID.

5) Share this if you think it’s useful… nah, just kidding; I just want to know who reads until the very end. HAHAHA =p



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