2016 Project 365, Day 230: Encho Ice Cream

Photo #230: August 17

Having no Internet connection can make me crazy, I swear! PLDT’s really getting on my nerves, but thanks to the Korean ice cream Encho, I stayed cool… hahaha! Thanks for accommodating me, OMOnok!!!



2016 Project 365, Day 229: Chasing PLDT!

Photo #229: August 16

What a day! I lost my Internet connection again! A PLDT tech came and was able to fix it, but only briefly. 5 minutes after, the red light of doom indicated loss of signal! I saw that the PLDT vehicle was still on our street, so I started to walk, but it started to move! I felt like I was in the Amazing Race, as I went back inside the house to get the car keys! My mind and heart were racing, I felt like Sherlock deducing the streets kuya PLDT would be driving on! Had I been a math genius, I would have also calculated his speed and the point at which I would have reached him. Luckily, he decided to stop at the 3rd street of the path I knew he’d be taking; he was eating some crackers! However, all our efforts were in vain as he learned that our whole street suddenly doesn’t have any connection! Huhu! My classes!!! 😦 went out to use Globe’s data to post this and answer an important work-related email. I’m itching (i.e. gigil!) to get the proper documentation just so I won’t get any penalty for my class cancellations! Hassle! X.x -end of rant- hope my fellow tutors are having a much better day!