2016 Project 365, Day 229: Chasing PLDT!

Photo #229: August 16

What a day! I lost my Internet connection again! A PLDT tech came and was able to fix it, but only briefly. 5 minutes after, the red light of doom indicated loss of signal! I saw that the PLDT vehicle was still on our street, so I started to walk, but it started to move! I felt like I was in the Amazing Race, as I went back inside the house to get the car keys! My mind and heart were racing, I felt like Sherlock deducing the streets kuya PLDT would be driving on! Had I been a math genius, I would have also calculated his speed and the point at which I would have reached him. Luckily, he decided to stop at the 3rd street of the path I knew he’d be taking; he was eating some crackers! However, all our efforts were in vain as he learned that our whole street suddenly doesn’t have any connection! Huhu! My classes!!! 😦 went out to use Globe’s data to post this and answer an important work-related email. I’m itching (i.e. gigil!) to get the proper documentation just so I won’t get any penalty for my class cancellations! Hassle! X.x -end of rant- hope my fellow tutors are having a much better day!



2 thoughts on “2016 Project 365, Day 229: Chasing PLDT!

  1. Hi there! I’m a new RJ tutor and I stumbled upon this blog post of yours while looking for a stable internet connection so I can teach online without internet hassles.

    Do you recommend PLDT Fibr? And what plan are you currently subscribed on? Is it an unlimited connection? Are there no problems when conducting lessons especially with videos? I’m currently on Sky and Smart Broadband and thinking of switching to PLDT.

    I do apologise for the many questions. Thank you!


    • Hello! Sorry for the late reply. Yes, I recommend it. Actually, I am not subscribed to any FIBR plan. What happened was, from my original DSL plan (1400+ per month), PLDT took the initiative to FIBR. Hence, I still pay the same amount. Yep, unli connection. I have been on FIBR for 2 years already, so yes, there is no problem when conducting video lessons.


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