2017 Project 365, Day 9: Fast Food Pepper Steaks

Photo #9: January 9

Finally tried these: Jollibee’s pepper cream burger steak and Mcdo’s mushroom pepper steak!

patties: Mcdo’s were a bit thicker compared to Jollibee’s, but I didn’t think they were beefy. I thought they were flat chicken nuggets!

sauce: I think Mcdo wins here since their sauce tasted more peppery than Jollibee’s, which was more buttery, IMO. Mcdo’s sauce was also thicker, but Jollibee’s had more, i.e. hindi bitin!

rice: okay, so this may vary per branch, but Jollibee had more. (both are Bayan-bayanan Avenue – Marikina – branches)

price: I got the ala carte 2-piece meals – P85 for Mcdo, P80 for Jollibee.

Overall, they’re almost even! If you want something that’s new in terms of taste, go for Mcdo’s. 😀



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