2017 Project 365, Day 37: RareJob Supremium Tutor!

Photo #37: February 6

Currently, RareJob Philippines, Inc. has 4 premium programs: free trial lesson, business conversation course, young learners, and speaking test. I’m glad to share that I’m now part of 3 of them as I passed my YL certification today! #Supremium ā¤ I really love my job as it allows me to grow despite being home-based! Interested? Register now!!

Ā img_5999


2 thoughts on “2017 Project 365, Day 37: RareJob Supremium Tutor!

  1. hi miss. I am being invited to become a premium tutor but i have no idea what to choose. I am torn between YL and business. I don’t think i am that good with teenagers that’s why I am having second thoughts. On the other hand, I am quite nervouse that business students will be difficult or too serious or would ask too many difficult questions. Please help me decide. And any tips for the mock lesson for the premium tutor? Thank you! I hope i can reach you thru FB or IG


    • Hello! Both have pros and cons, but I personally like YL more because the students are generally friendlier, smarter, more appreciative! Also, YL students are the least likely to have last-minute cancellations. Cons: the Eiken scoring can be confusing in the beginning, some really beginner students don’t have any parental supervision, and there are a few non-responsive students as well.

      As for the business program, the best advantage here is the fact that it has the most number of students. I find the Level 9 & 10 materials the most difficult, but as teachers, it is our responsibility to prepare for anything, right? šŸ˜€

      Regarding the mock lesson, just follow the tutoring notes on each material, kayang kaya yan! šŸ™‚


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