2017 Project 365, Day 365: Media Noche

Photo #365: December 31

Capping off my 8th set of Project 365 photos with our media noche spread this year, thanks to Jocyl and her Goreng Goreng team! On the table: laksa, ayam goreng, sate ayam, and ayam kuning. Thanks to Leo for our alcohol!  Cheers, everyone! Now, let me sleep hahaha =p



Letting Go and Moving On

Nah, this post isn’t a breakup post – not in a romantic sense, no. 2017 has been a great year, no doubt about that! However, I’ve let go of some things, which led me to choosing this theme for my year-end “essay.”

First, I’ve let go of financial worries. When I was younger, I believed I could not do many things as I always had an excuse, but I know deep in my heart it was because I was worried about how much they would cost me. However, managing my finances has significantly improved this year. No, I am not a lottery winner, and I still have my usual financial obligations, but I now have decent savings, enough for me to fulfill my wants and needs. I even decided to finally get my own insurance-investment (thank you, Jovel and Kristine), one that isn’t managed by my dad (hehe sorry papi, but thank you for our policies). I regret not saving the moment I started working in 2007, but I have learned from my mistakes, and with the help of my two best friends, I am more financially aware and wiser.

Second, I’ve let go of some fears. I was afraid to try the business program at work because I thought I was not qualified. Actually, I was afraid of FAILING and embarrassing myself in the process. However, thanks to the push and motivation of the right people, I overcame my fear and even joined the young learner’s program. Being part of 3 premium programs helped me in letting go of my financial worries, which also made me bolder when it comes to traveling. I already have 2 travel destinations in 2018. I know that is nothing compared to a lot of people, but traveling is something I wish I did more when I was younger, so beating my once-a-year travel rule is a big step for me.

Lastly, I’ve let go of some relationships. As the saying goes, “People come and go. The best will stay.” This 2017, I have weeded out who my true friends are. My two best friends, in particular, Ulrike and Ernest, have helped me make better life decisions, especially when it comes to adulting, and I know that we will continue to be there for each other until we reach all our dreams! I have also learned to be warier of user-friendly people, and I’m glad that my closest RareJob and Food Crawler friends are there to make sure that our circles aren’t invaded by any unwanted and negative forces.

Overall, I am thankful for my family, friends, and Leo, who all guide me no matter where they are. I’m ready to let go of 2017 to usher in another year of awesomeness!!!


2017 Project 365, Day 362: Mobster’s Caramel and Cheese Popcorn

Photo #362: December 28

Ahhhhh where has this been all my life??? It’s soooooo good! At first, I was like, “Caramel and cheese??? Ewww!” BUT!!! When I tasted it, I almost could not stop eating! 😀



2017 Project 365, Day 358: Christmas Eve Lunch

Photo #358: December 24

Third consecutive year of having Christmas eve lunch at our happy place:Mandi’s Grill Grub! On the table: salted egg seafood & corn, crispy kare-kare, and mussels with béchamel sauce. Good food all year round, thanks to our MGG family! ❤



2017 Project 365, Day 357: Hap Chan Marikina

Photo #357: December 23

Our fuel for today: fried chicken, kale with garlic, pork asado, and Yang Chow fried rice from Hap Chan! Burned what we ate by shopping and going around Ayala Malls Marikina!