2018 Project 365, Day 23: Pizzzzzaaaaaa!!!

Photo #23: January 23

My least favorite aunt visited today, so hello, mood swings. Kudos to patient boyfriends who send food to their unstable girlfriends during that time of the month! Huhu, happy 90th monthsary, dear! :-*



2018 Project 365, Day 22: Snow in Japan

Photo #22: January 22

It snowed heavily in some parts of Japan today, and many of my student gems sent me pictures or even went out of their houses to “show me around.”  Of course, this is normal for them during winter, so they were more amused with my reaction. =p Medyo face palm moment lang with my “Godzilla” student when I asked her if she likes snow, she said “So-so…I live in Hokkaido!” Ahahaha! (FYI: Hokkaido is Japan’s northernmost prefecture, so hello, snow galore!)



2018 Project 365, Day 19: Plantronics Headset

Photo #19: January 19

Switched back to Plantronics because the boyfriend said I need it more than he does, so he’ll be using my Logitech headset instead. Huhu, thank you, dear!  p.s. I like both brands – Logitech for their microphone, Plantronics for their cord and control for volume adjustment & muting on Skype.



2018 Project 365, Day 17: Shizen Ramen x 3

Photo #17: January 17

Find friends who’d order individual bowls of ramen despite being surrounded by couples sharing only one! Spicy Yakuza for me, flavorful shoyu for Nikki, and meaty Beast for Ernest! Shizen Ramen in Marikina is definitely one of the best ramen shops for me!