2018 Project 365 Day 273: Disney Sea!!!

Photo #273: September 30

There’s a typhoon, but that didn’t stop us from having so much fun at Disney Sea!!! Ahhhh super happy!!!


2018 Project 365 Day 272: Day 3 in Japan

Photo #272: September 29

Smile like your feet aren’t hurting… 😀 It’s rainy today, so walking around was a little difficult. Still alive, though!!! Bought a lot of omiyage, including my favorite travel souvenir, a magnet. Tomorrow, we’re going to Disney Sea aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!


2018 Project 365 Day 271: RareJob Japan

Photo #271: September 28

This is definitely the highlight of our 2nd day in Japan: visiting the RareJob headquarters!!! Our hearts (and tummies lol) are full! So grateful to be part of this company! ❤


2018 Project 365 Day 270: Day 1 in Japan!

Photo #270: September 27

Day 1 in Japan!!! Actually, we’re still walking around, but I couldn’t wait to post, so here hahaha! Sky Tree + Asakusa!!! So hard to choose pictures, especially because my companions are great photographers!!! #RAP2018 #WeAreRareJob


2018 Project 365 Day 269: I’m Going to Japan!!!

Photo #269: September 26

Nervous. 🙃 Excited. 🤩 Thankful.😊 It feels like a thousand-piece puzzle is nearly done, and it’s just so… surreal. 

I have almost finished packing, but I will still teach tonight, plus there’s something I need to study for the program. Good luck to us!!! #RAP2018