2019 Project 365, Day 59: Mcdonald’s Flavors of Japan

Photo #59: February 28

Had to try Mcdo’s #FlavorsOfJapan because, well, hello, Japan.  For the ebi burger, I like the light, semi-sweet sauce and the shrimp patty’s tempura coating. However, the shrimp itself is not as juicy nor as flavorful as other shrimp burgers I’ve tried, but it’s still a decent try. I prefer the juicy beef patty of the teriyaki burger and its mayo. I wasn’t too happy with the teriyaki sauce, though. I felt it was either too sweet or too salty and also too much. The Nori fries were okay, but I prefer Tokyo Tokyo’s nori-wasabi fries as they have a good balance of flavors. Anyway, just give your fries a good shake to evenly coat them with the Nori powder. Lastly, the strawberry sakura McFloat tasted like medicine at first, but after a few sips, it became tolerable. Generally, I am not a fan of floats because they are too sweet – I just wanted to try this one.

So would I order these again? The float, definitely not. Also, I’d rather have plain salted Mcdo fries or honey-butter shake-shake fries (or barbecue). As for the burgers, hmmmm…. I’d probably want to get the teriyaki one again, but I’d request for less sauce.

I wonder what Mcdonald’s in Japan offers this season… hoping to find out soon! 



2019 Project 365, Day 58: LTO Plates & 2019 Sticker!!!

Photo #58: February 27

After 4 years, hello replacement plates! I felt like a kid who won something at an arcade, and it must have shown on my face because many guys I passed on my way back to the car said, “Sa wakas (finally)!” and/or congratulated me! 😂😅

p.s. guys, should I still use the 2015 sticker? The plate number is written on it, but it also says 2015 nga. Not sure if I should ask for a part of the car tint to be removed. Otherwise, I’d just use the 2019 sticker. I have a small rectangular untinted part on the windshield, good for 1 big sticker or 3 small ones.



2019 Project 365, Day 57: Pan de Hermanas Marikina

Photo #57: February 26

One thing I dreaded when I was a kid was going to the Marikina public market with mama on Saturday mornings because we would leave our house really early! I was too young to understand that my younger siblings could not be left alone yet, so papa had to stay with them. After a while, I got the hang of it especially because mama would buy bread from Marikina Bakery before going home! Their pan de sal and Spanish bread were our favorites! As we got older, our market visits became less frequent until we eventually stopped. Anyway, I just wanted to inform everyone that Marikina Bakery a.k.a. Pan De Hermanas is now near SSS Village/Rancho: along Rainbow St. corner Russet St., in front of Pamantasan ng Lungsod Marikina! 



2019 Project 365, Day 56: Valentine Gifts

Photo #56: February 25

Hot honey and Elizabeth Arden’s White Tea perfume!!! The former is much spicier than Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza’s, while the latter is now my favorite scent! Thank you to my valentine for 9 years! Love you, Leo🥰😘😍



2019 Project 365, Day 55: All 4 U

Photo #55: February 24

Belated Valentine and monthsary date. ^^ All 4 U is currently my favorite unli grill/hotpot restaurant because of their beef, shrimp, and shabu-shabu soup with veggies! Actually, you can also have chicken and pork, but why? Skip the rice, drink some iced tea, and end your meal with Melona ice cream! All for P499! The staff’s super attentive and fast pa! 



Multiple-Entry Japan Visa!!!

My interest in Japan began when I was an elementary school student as watching anime was something my siblings and I enjoyed. Our favorite back then was Yū Yū Hakusho a.k.a. Ghost Fighter!

After anime, my love shifted to Japanese food, especially sashimi and ramen. However, after going to Japan for the first time in September 2018, I realized that TAKOYAKI IS THE BEST! You’ll see how much I enjoyed it in this video from RareJob Inc. (7:47).

It’s no secret that I love my job as an English teacher to Japanese students, and interacting with them every day has made my love for Japan grow. In addition, I now have a cousin-in-law from Yokohama, the mother of my very cute half-Japanese nephew, and [edited] niece! (Also, I was able to visit them just last November 2019)

Thanks to RareJob Inc., my dream to visit Japan happened earlier than expected! We were easily granted single-entry visas because the company was our guarantor. We explored Tokyo and DisneySea in 5 days, and man, after that experience, I wanted more!!! Hence, I decided to apply for a multiple-entry visa!

You’ll find a lot of blogs on applying for Japan visas, so I’ll keep this brief! First, here are the documents I submitted:

1. Philippine passport
2. Visa application form and multiple-entry request form
3. Original birth certificate
4. Original bank certificates (you can submit only one as long as the amount is acceptable enough; there is no set amount but make sure it will at least cover your stay in Japan without leaving you broke hehe)
5. Income Tax Return (Form 1701A)
6. Copy of Certificate of Registration
7. Documents from RareJob Inc.: Tutor Agreement, Certificate of Engagement, and Engagement Verification
8. Copies of hotel booking confirmation
9. Copy of flight confirmation
10. Itinerary in Japan
11. Cover letter

Items 5-7 are specifically for self-employed professionals. The cover letter is not required, but I added it for good measure, and I would like to share it with you:


I’d like to think that this is one of the reasons why I was granted a visa, but of course, completing the mandatory requirements is actually a lot more important. It wouldn’t hurt to include a cover letter, though, hehe!

Also, here is what I wrote on the multiple-entry request form:


I submitted all of these to the SM North branch of Attic Tours. There are other accredited agencies, but this one’s the nearest to where I live, plus RareJob also chose them for our trip. On both occasions, I got my visa within 2 days! Their handling fee is higher than others, though – P1680 for a single-entry visa, P2180 for a multiple-entry one. However, the fee didn’t matter anymore once I saw my visa!!!


I whooped and jumped when the agent showed me my visa! I also had goosebumps for a few minutes hahaha! I am now even more determined to work harder so I can visit Japan as many times as I can!!! ❤

To all those who are planning to apply, make sure to follow all the instructions and submit the necessary documents, all of which you can find on the Japan Embassy’s website. Ganbatte ne!



2019 Project 365, Day 54: New Books!

Photo #54: February 23

What I got from #TheBigBadWolfBookSale  Yeah, they’re nothing compared to the heaps of books many of you bought, but I’m satisfied (repeat until convinced lol). I didn’t include the 3rd book because I will give it to someone.#Imatbbwmanila19 #bigbadwolfph #bigbadwolfmanila#ThisIsFromBBWManila19



2019 Project 365, Day 52: Big Bad Wolf Manila 2019

Photo #52: February 21

The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale Manila, a.k.a. Mapapamahal Ka Sa Mura (you’ll spend more because of the low prices)! 😂😅Bibliophiles, be prapared to experience choice anxiety! Such a beautiful dilemma! 😍👌 #bigbadwolfmanila #bigbadwolfph #iamatbbwmanila19#ThisIsFromBBWManila19



2019 Project 365, Day 51: Amazon Audible

Photo #51: February 20

While searching for an email, I found my Amazon Audible account and remembered that I purchased this last year, but I haven’t listened to it! Will take a break from Spotify! Queen Margaery, you may commence. ☺️🥰#PotterHead #GoTxHP