2019 Project 365 Day 195: Chureito Pagoda

Photo #195: July 14

From Kichijoji, we travelled to Yamanashi. Did a lot of walking today, including a 398-step climb to see this pagoda! It was tiring (so pagoda nga kami lol I had to), but worth it! We also enjoyed the 18-degree breeze, especially while going down! Chillin’ in our AirBnB now! Konbanwa/oyasumi nasai! 😀


2019 Project 365 Day 194: Mitama Matsuri

Photo #194: July 13

Arianne and I met in college 16 years ago! Can’t remember the last time we saw each other, but it was definitely quite a long time ago. She has been working in Japan for 10 years now, and I’m so glad we found time to see each other today! Thank you for taking me to my first matsuri experience, as well as to an excellent sushi resto! See you again soon!!! :-*