2020 Project 366: Day 152: Sushi Bake

Photo #152: May 31

When I saw this sushi bake on Heart Baker by BiangFran ‘s IG stories, I just knew I had to order, and daaaaaaaaang, it’s super OISHII!!! Prepare not to share a can with anyone – it’s that yummy!!! Definitely getting this again! 👌🍣



2020 Project 366, Day 148: Omotenashi

Photo #148: May 27

In my job, we have this program called “omotenashi Eigo otai,” which is meant for students who need to use English in industry-specific situations. “Omotenashi” is often translated as “hospitality,” but it actually means much more. It’s about providing excellent customer service without expecting anything in return. Anyway, I digress. The program has been available for a while now, but I just had my first two students today, and both of them work at a train station. I showed them my Suica card, and they were pleasantly surprised, especially because it’s a personalized one. They became more engaging as they asked about my Japan trips. I love this program, super chill! I hope to have more omotenashi lessons soon! And of course, I am still hopeful that one day, we will be able to travel again! Mata ne, Japan!





2020 Project 366, Day 144: Predator Gaming Chair

Photo #144: May 23

In the beginning of May, I started searching for office chairs. Nothing appealed to me, but after a few days, a dear friend offered discounted gaming chairs, and well, here ya go.  Made a mistake in assembling it (I removed the covering underneath the seat lol), but with the help of Kate and Kat, I am now sitting comfortably! 💚