2018 Project 365, Day 52: Tea-Flavored Jelly

Photo #52: February 21

I regret not getting more of this tea-flavored jelly from Jiufen Old Street in Taiwan! Huhuhu it’s so refreshingly delicious, especially now that summer is here! It’s light and easy to prepare, great for snacking in between my lessons!!!



2018 Project 365, Day 51: Good Roots Salted Egg Potato Chips

Photo #51: February 20

Today’s fuel thanks to my tita EG!!! It tastes similar to another brand I used to buy! 



2018 Project 365, Day 50: Toys!

Photo #50: February 19

I’ve been teaching this 12-yo kid for nearly 2 months now. He is always assisted by his dad, who’s also a beginner. We have used 3 different materials so far, and most of the time, he sounded perfunctory and would just repeat the answers given by his patient dad. All that changed when I decided to try free conversation with him as I noticed his Skype picture – a toy bear. Oh boy, he became more active, sounded much happier, and even started using his video! Here are some of his toys! In Filipino, NAHULI KO YUNG KILITI NIYA, and I love it whenever that happens!



2018 Project 365, Day 46: Food Souvenirs

Photo #46: February 15

I first tasted bakkwa in Singapore 6 years ago, and I’ve never forgotten how good it tastes! I would ask people to buy this for me, so I totally understood JC when he asked me to buy this for him in Taiwan! Hence, this exchange happened. Epektos! Hahaha! Thanks for the chocolate! SUPER SMOOTH AND YUMMY!!!!