2019 Project 365, Day 202: Approved by Mommy

Photo #202: July 21

Getting the approval of my kids’ parents is truly priceless! 😍Maaaan, the Young Learners premium program is really my favorite! 🤩

Thanks for sharing this, Ryan! We are all considered the best by our loyal gems! 🥰 #WeAreRareJob



2019 Project 365, Day 201: Stickers Under Japanese Cup Noodles

Photo #201: July 20

I just recently learned what the stickers at the bottom of Japanese cup noodles are for! 😅🙌 No more using random objects to seal the cup while waiting for the noodles to cook! 😂 I also discovered that Nissin’s Chili Tomato is yummy, too! 😋🍜



2019 Project 365, Day 200: Glico Cheeza

Photo #200: July 19

A much cheaper alternative to Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory’s salt & Camembert cookies!!!! These crackers are just less than 200 yen. They’re not milky, but super cheesy! The yellow one is cheddar, the blue one is Camembert! So good!!! 🤤😋🧀



2019 Project 365, Day 199: Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory Cookies

Photo #199: July 18

I regret not getting more of these salt & Camembert cookies from Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory! Super yummy! My sister said they taste like something premium! Well, she’s not wrong; these are expensive but worth every yen! 😂🤤😋



2019 Project 365, Day 198: Back from Japan

Photo #198: July 17

Last selfie before parting ways. Thank you, ate Faith! You’ve always been so supportive even though we havenl’t met personally prior to our trip! Thank you for being so game with the itinerary I made hahaha! Thank you for your contagious smile, generous heart, and unyielding hopefulness! I am looking forward to our next adventure in Japan! :-* #Tutoristas


2019 Project 365 Day 197: Fuji Q Highland

Photo #197: July 16

Before and after riding one of the popular roller coasters at FujiQ Highland! At first, I was like, “Oh wow the view’s nice, it’s relaxing! I can do this!” Boy, was I wrong! I closed my eyes through all those twists and turns! I was worried about passing out, but thankfully, I didn’t. Surprisingly, my heart didn’t beat as fast as I expected it to be. I may be dead inside charot! I am proud of myself and ate Faith because we both fear heights but we did it!!! However, we didn’t have the energy nor the courage to ride the 3 other major coasters after, hahaha! Ate enjoyed the Thomas Land rides, while my fave’s Cool Japan! Oh, we also love the facial recognition system that they use so we didn’t have to keep showing our tickets! #Eejanaika #wesurvived #Tutoristas


2019 Project 365 Day 196: Kawaguchi

Photo #196: July 15

No Mt. Fuji in sight? No problem! Hello, purikura! 😀 We believe that someday, we’ll see the real deal. That’s what multiple-entry visas are for, right? Hehehe! Had fun going around Kawaguchi today, especially since we bought tickets for unlimited bus rides! In fact, we were able to expand our itinerary because of the convenience! 🙂