2017 Project 365, Day 315: SMART LTE Pocket Wifi

Photo #315: November 11

Ah, I’m back to civilization! =p I still don’t have any PLDT connection, and it is important for me to stay online, so hello to my new gadget! Smart definitely has a much stronger and more reliable signal than Globe, so I’m glad with this purchase! However, I choose not to have any classes yet as long as I don’t have my PLDT Fibr connection back. With this LTE pocket wifi, I’ll be able to make kulit PLDT for a report via email!!! I’m just a little stressed, though – I could not access Smart’s gateway for me to view the one-time password they sent to my number. I can’t register nor check the status of my SurfMax promo. Ah well. At least I have Internet at home!!!



2017 Project 365, Day 314: Stressed!

Photo #314: November 10

Late post because until now I do not have any Internet connection at home. Had to go out to go online today!!! my face here doesn’t capture how stressed I am because of PLDT and also my least favorite aunt – aunt Flow! What’s up, November? Super stressful so far huhu! My cancellation at work is super high, but I’m positive that my cancelled classes will be deleted, I just have to make kulit PLDT for a report. *super deep sigh*



2017 Project 365, Day 312: No Connection

Photo #312: November 8

Today’s horror story: I didn’t have any Internet connection for nearly 4 hours! Only 2 lights were on: power & WiFi – normally, 5 lights should be working. I have already spoken with a PLDT rep; I’m just waiting for an incident report. While waiting for the connection to be restored, grabe, I was thinking that I won’t reach my personal goal this month! SO SCARY HA.