2019 Project 365, Day 169: Happy 111th, UP Naming Mahal!

Photo #179: June 18

Happy birthday, 111th birthday UP! And congratulations to the new graduates! #HonorAndExcellence #UPNamingMahal #UPFight



2019 Project 365, Day 168: The Great UP Run – Registered!

Photo #168: June 17

UP friends have been tagging me about the Great UP Run. Well, here you go. Hahaha! Peer pressure! Someone even said I’ve started preparing na raw pala because of the recent fun run I joined! 😂 Doing it for UP and for the varsity teams. ❤️💚#UPFight



2019 Project 365, Day 167: Happy Fathers’ Day

Photo #167: June 16

We got our toothy smiles from papi! 😁 This was probably my sister’s pre-school graduation, so around 1991 or 1992? We were able to study in good schools because of papa’s hard work. He’s the old school type of dad who believes that fathers must be the providers, and that he did well. Thank you, papi! We may not be working for big companies like you did, but thank you for accepting that times have changed and for supporting our passions & (questionable hahaha) decisions. Happy fathers’ day! Love you and miss you! 😘

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2019 Project 365, Day 165: Goodbye, Goreng Goreng!

Photo #165: June 14

Last orders from Goreng Goreng, for now. I’m a little sad that you’ll be leaving Marikina Heights, but at least your new location will still be in Marikina!

p.s. new favorite: tamarind prawns huhu asim kilig!!! 😍😋
p.p.s. while waiting for their new resto, we can still have our favorites delivered; just give them a 2-day notice! ^^



2019 Project 365, Day 164: Pleasant Surprises

Photo 164: June 13

A 207 is a paid slot due to technical problems & is like a rare Pokémon for me. The last time I had one was on June 6, 2017! Weee pleasant surprise! 😍 After a few minutes, another welcome surprise came (because I need to rest haha), a closed slot! I can’t remember the last time I had one!



2019 Project 365, Day 163: Jollibee Funko Pop

Happy Independence Day from my growing army char. 😁 My Funko Pop collection isn’t huge, but I’m happy with what I have so far!🇯🇵🇵🇭🇺🇸