2020 Project 366: Day 156: Meralco Bill

Photo 156: June 4

Highest ever I had to pay, but I am not surprised because my sister has been living with me since the lockdown started (plus air con usage, hehe). ’twas supposed to be a little over P6600, but I chose to overpay in March & April. I read somewhere that they’re going to refund convenience fees or something. Hmm let’s see.



2020 Project 366, Day 128: New LPG Tank

Photo #128: May 7

My sister just finished cooking mackerel with veggies when we ran out of gas. After one year, a month, and four days, we got a new LPG tank. 😁 It could have lasted longer had there been no ECQ because I only use it for boiling water and cooking rice/a few dishes (mostly pasta). My record is 1 year and 8 months if I recall correctly. 😅



2020 Project 366, Day 125: Meralco Online

Photo #125: May 4

Because of the ECQ, meter reading and bill deliveries have been put on hold, but we can still pay our bills via the Meralco app or their website. However, the amount reflected is just an estimate based on our average usage for the past 3 months; Meralco will make the necessary adjustments once the ECQ is over. Anyway, I’ve been doing over-payments because I wouldn’t want to be surprised once the correct amount is applied. I can’t remember if there are other ways of paying, but if you use your credit card, there is a service fee of P47. Also, if you have queries, it’s best to contact them via Twitter: https://twitter.com/meralco