2019 Project 365, Day 173: Tita Adah’s Homemade Bacon

Photo #173: June 22

Feeding your feed with some chemical- and preservative-free garlic-pepper bacon from Tita Adah’s Homemade Eats! It’s not too salty, so you can eat it on its own!  These also come in maple and honey variants, and I’m excited to try them as well. Actually, I have a pack each in my fridge, but I’m saving them for other lazy days. 



2017 Project 365, Day 29: Saint and Sinner Sandwiches

Photo #29: January 29

I wish this photo could do more justice to Mandi’s Grill Grub‘s latest experiment, the “Saint and Sinner” sandwich, nay, sandwiches! I couldn’t figure out how to get a clear picture of both, but there are actually 2 sandwiches here. Below is the “saint”: 2 grilled chicken breast pieces with cheese. On top is the “sinner,” and rightfully so because it has 2 fried chicken thigh fillets, 2 pieces of thick-cut bacon, cheese, and egg-mayo. Goodness, the fried chicken tastes like KFC’s! Everything is sandwiched between slightly sweet bread, sweet because of either cranberries or raisins – I was busy eating to confirm hahaha! This sandwich monstrosity was served with some fries and mojos, with Mandi’s oh so yummy tartar sauce! Please have this na po on your menu!!!



2016 Project 365, Day 227: King Sue Bacon Pasta Supreme

Photo #227: August 14

Received some goodies from King Sue Ham, including BACON! Since I’ll be working a lot this week, I decided to check out their website for recipes, and voilà! My food for a few days: King Sue Bacon Pasta Supreme! So yummy and cheesy as it has mozzarella & parmesan, plus the crunch of the bell pepper’s amazing! Of course, King Sue’s bacon made it even more delectable! You can view the recipe HERE.



2016 Project 365, Day 223: Pokémon GO Lure Party

Photo #223: August 10

Attended Burger Company PH‘s 4-hour Pokémon GO Lure Party! I caught a lot of Pokémon, including Scyther, Onix, Oddish, Magikarp, Staryu, Exeggcute, Dodrio, Pinsir, and Nidoran (both male and female). I also hatched a Ponyta! But my greatest catch whenever I visit BCo would have to be their sinfully good BACON DIPPERS. Glorious lightly battered strips of yummy bacon, best dipped in cheese sauce or spiced vinegar! Thank you for the lures and Poké tour, BCo!!! :-*



2016 Project 365, Day 156: English Breakfast

Photo #156: June 4

One of the perks I get whenever my sister comes home: her cooking!!!! Here’s her version of English breakfast! I may have a decreased sense of hearing, but my senses of taste & smell are still intact and very pleased with this excellent dish! Thank you, Kate! :-*