2020 Project 366, Day 34: Real Food

Photo #34: February 3

With my family at home, I get real food hahaha thanks to my sister for the ginisang pechay, my brother for the beef with bell pepper, and our mama for the puto! 😋



2020 Project 366, Day 18: GotchuGang

Photo #18: January 18

The gotchugang lol. Always a fun time Korean BBQ-ing with this bunch. ROI is always achieved because of the “burp of regret.”  Missed you guys so much!!! 




2020 Project 366, Day 10: Bento Lunch

Photo #10: January 10

Today’s bento lunch is from Gōrudo RAMEN.

My current wallpaper is from an angry fan of Marvin Cruz… priceless! 😆😂



2019 Project 365, Day 215:Kebabs & Ghormeh Sabzi

Photo #215: August 3

Today’s fragrant and flavorful viands: chicken satay & beef kebabs + ghormeh sabzi (Iranian herb stew). First time to try the latter, and it kind of reminded me of sinigang in the sense that you’d want to bathe your rice in/with its rich stew! Sabaw pa lang, ulam na! 🤤😋

Get these and other delicious dishes from Mamshie Ulam Delivery! Remember to check their bi/weekly menu and place your orders at least 2 days before! 👌



2019 Project 365 Day 193: Friday Viands

Photo #193: July 12

Today’s viands from Mamshie Ulam Delivery: stir-fried veggies with beef and vegan BBQ! The latter’s mouthfeel and texture are like beef’s, while the taste and smell remind me of isaw! Weirdly good, I guess? 😳😋 Try these & other yummy dishes by sending Mamshie a PM & ordering 2 days in advance! Watch out for their weekly menus! 🤤



2019 Project 365 Day 183: Halal Beef Caldereta

Photo #183: July 2

Beef caldereta is my second favorite Filipino dish (sinigang is #1 in my heart forever), and its recipe isn’t complete without liver spread, right? Actually, it’s possible to not have any! And Jocyl Froot‘s take on this classic is absolutely DELICIOUS! It would still make you want to have more rice wahaha! Halal-style beef caldereta! She told me that my order was for 2-3 people, but I think it’s just enough for one hungry ME! 😅😋🤤🐷