2017 Project 365, Day 79: Happy Birthday!!!

Photo #79 : March 20

The more birthdays you have, the more free buffets you can take advantage of as long as you have friends who are willing to be your paying customers!  Thank you for spending time with me today, Lilly and Elle!!! And thank you for all the greetings, everyone! Some made me cry or laugh!  Cheers to another year of good food, supportive family & friends, and endless fun! What the F!



2017 Project 365, Day 75: Portable Mic

Photo #75: March 16

Weeeee say hello to my new toy: a pink portable microphone with a built-in bluetooth speaker! Thank you so much to JC and Macey for such a fun birthday gift!!! You can also get yours by ordering from Macey’s Collection!   

p.s. here’s the first thing I did with the michere’s the first thing I did with the mic. 😀



2017 Project 365, Day 74: Baraco Coffee

Photo #74: March 15

My house has been smelling like a coffee shop since this morning as I opened and tried Coach Cyrus‘ gift – Baraco Blend coffee from Cafe de Lipa! Super fragrant!!! Grabe, I was expecting it to be super strong in taste, but I found it smooth and rich, even without milk or sugar. Also, it effectively kept me awake as I failed to nap today. Anyway, I’d also like to thank Ernest for one of his sweet gifts: a personalized, heat-activated mug!!! Aww thank you for making my mornings more special, guys!   



2017 Project 365, Day 73: Travel Light

Photo #73: March 14

I think giving me these is my friends’ way of saying I should travel light. Hahaha! I’ll try, girls! Thank you, Ulrike (very godmother gift hahaha), Louis for the SG bag & magnet (SG will always have a special place in my heart), and who gave the pillow??? Thanks hahaha! It’s already in my car! 😀



2017 Project 365, Day 71: Early Birthday Celeb

Photo #71: March 12

One of the reasons why Nikki and I worked so much in February was to prepare for our double birthday celebration this March, and we’re happy with how it turned out! Our guests included our closest RareJob friends who wore different headdresses. They were also quite competitive as they gamely acted out hilarious gestures during a game of charades! Guys, thank you for your PRESENCE! Best present ever! Love you all!