2020 Project 366, Day 178: Babka

Photo #178: June 26

Still receiving birthday gifts even after 3 months! ☺️ Thank you, Pat and Ram! The ube-cheese babka from Sourdough Cafe is light, not too sweet, and yummy! 🤤 On the other hand, Benefit Cosmetics‘ Roller Lash mascara is the best!!! Pat and I used this during our last trip to Japan, and it made our lashes seem naturally fuller and thicker! 🤩



2020 Project 366, Day 109: Ube-Cheese Pandesal

Photo #109: April 18

BARS by Angel‘s ube-cheese pandesal is slightly different from others because it doesn’t have ube filling. The ube is instead mixed into the dough, which makes the final product not overwhelmingly sweet. I also love its texture: chewy and not too soft. In short, they’re super good! 😁 Oh, and those dark chocolate cookies are DIVINE!!! Thanks, Aindzhell!!! 🤤



2019 Project 365 Day 365: Last Meal of the Year

Photo #365: December 31

This caps off my 10th batch of Project 365 photos! Can’t believe it has been 10 years already! May our 2020 be filled with whatever we are passionate about!

Eating early as always because we’re too tita to stay up late na hahaha



2019 Project 365, Day 154: Pan de ____

Photo #154: June 3

What do you call this? Pan de ____ ? 😅😂😋 #merienda

Filipinos know this as pan de pula (red), pan de regla (menstruation), or pan de lihim (secret). I think the actual name is “kalihim.” Anyway, it’s yummy no matter what it’s called! 😀



2019 Project 365, Day 144: Pan de Hermanas Bread

Photo #124: May 24

What’s your favorite bread from your local bakery? Mine would be Pan De Hermanas‘ cheese bread, bicho bicho with cheese, and egg pie!#WheninMarikina #MarikinaBakery