2020 Project 366, Day 140: My Sister’s Birthday

Photo #140: May 19

Today’s mini birthday feast for my sister! I made pasta puttanesca and ordered the rest. 😅 The mandu is fom Luto ni Tisay Ulam2Go. I fried half of them and steamed the other half; I like both, but Kate prefers the latter. The authentic & delicious dinakdakan is from Tita Adah’s Homemade Eats, while the yummy & zesty lemon pound cake is from Sunrose Bakes! Happy birthday, Kata! Thank you for your lovely meals and patience in doing housework hahaha love you! 😘 


2019 Project 365 Day 358: Matcha Triple Decker Cheesecake

Photo #358:: December 24

Me: I have classes until midnight, we can eat after.
My sister: Midnight pa tayo kakain?!
Me, realizing my hunger: Ay shet oo nga, sorry. Nap ka muna?
Sis: Kukutkot-kutkot ako…

Actually, I had a head start on our dessert: this uber yummy matcha ultimate triple decker cheesecake from Heart Baker by BiangFran!!! This has matcha cookies, Oreos, and white chocolate cake! SOBRANG SARAP! ❤️💚

#NocheBuena #MerryChristmas



2019 Project 365, Day 73: Early Birthday Gifts

Photo #73: March 14

I usually open gifts on or after my actual birthday, but since I’ll be traveling, I had to open them early, hehe! Thank you for the yummy banana cake,Khrisna! It’s best paired with coffee, which I drank from the mug that Louis gave me! Also, in the background is a new towel from Lylle! Thank you, girls!!! 



2015 Project 365, Day 75: Mae San Cake

Photo #75: March 16

Birthdays aren’t complete without receiving any kind of cake! One of the cakes I got in advance is this deceiving cake roll from Mae-San Bakery, given to me by John Aldrich! Why is it deceiving? I thought it was a Brazo de Mercedes! Hahahaha! It’s buttery and so fluffy! Thank you, Aldrich! ❤

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