2019 Project 365, Day 58: LTO Plates & 2019 Sticker!!!

Photo #58: February 27

After 4 years, hello replacement plates! I felt like a kid who won something at an arcade, and it must have shown on my face because many guys I passed on my way back to the car said, “Sa wakas (finally)!” and/or congratulated me! 😂😅

p.s. guys, should I still use the 2015 sticker? The plate number is written on it, but it also says 2015 nga. Not sure if I should ask for a part of the car tint to be removed. Otherwise, I’d just use the 2019 sticker. I have a small rectangular untinted part on the windshield, good for 1 big sticker or 3 small ones.



2018 Project 365, Day 58: LTO Errands

Photo #58: February 27

Completed two tasks today: the annual registration for our Altis and renewal of my license! I arrived at around 8:05 am, left at 11:30! I love the new license ah! It has more information, including my blood type and emergency contact (yoohoo Kata). And yey for the 5-year validity!!!



2017 Project 365, Day 59: 2017 LTO Sticker

Photo #59: February 28

Scheduled only 2 classes today to complete 600 and also to wake up early & have our Altis registered at the LTO. It’s a miracle – STICKERS ARE AVAILABLE! Apparently, motorists won’t get 3 pieces anymore – just this one, which should be placed on the windshield. However, the new plates I paid for 2-3 years ago are still not available, and I don’t know if I’ll ever be getting them. *rolls eyes*



2016 Project 365, Day 181: Again, NO LTO STICKERS!

Photo #181: June 29

It started maybe 3 years ago – stickers were issued late. But last year, no stickers were given. I paid for 2 sets of car stickers last year, plus 2 sets of new plates, but until now, they are not available. According to an LTO staff I spoke with earlier, stickers were available in April but they were limited. LIMITED, just like my PATIENCE with your agency!!! Grrrr!!! Such a waste of time, effort, and money!