2018 Project 365, Day 140: The Dimsum Place

Photo #140: May 20

Had a feast at The Dimsum Place after 3 weeks of not seeing each other! On the table: steamed chicken with mushrooms, asado rice bowl, hakaw (super siksik!!!), beef wanton noodle soup, salted egg tofu, and milk tea! Watched “Deadpool 2” at one of Fishermall’s VIP cinemas after. A Sundate well-spent. 



2017 Project 365, Day 357: Hap Chan Marikina

Photo #357: December 23

Our fuel for today: fried chicken, kale with garlic, pork asado, and Yang Chow fried rice from Hap Chan! Burned what we ate by shopping and going around Ayala Malls Marikina!



Wangfu Chinese Cafe

Because I live alone most of the time, I consider cooking a burden. Why cook when I can just buy food instead? I know it isn’t practical, but I really prefer buying meals instead of making my own. I do cook from time to time, but nothing too difficult. And now, getting my fix of “real food” is much easier thanks to Wangfu Chinese Restaurant/Cafe/Bistro, co-owned by Richard Yap a.k.a. “Sir Chief,” Lester Pimentel Ong, and Ace Wang. I recently attended a bloggers’ event at their Serendra branch (very classy looking, by the way), and we definitely enjoyed everything that was served!


For starters, we had some classic dimsum: siomai and hakaw. I’ve always been a fan of siomai, especially when dipped in toyo-mansi (soy sauce & calamansi) with chili-garlic! I wasn’t disappointed with Wangfu’s siomai as each piece is filled with meaty goodness, mixed with shrimp.


And speaking of shrimp, oh man, their hakaw is so good, I’d want to use it for the chubby bunny challenge! Haha! It’s as compact (i.e. siksik) as the siomai, and once I bit into one, I could clearly see the chunks of delicious shrimp! I’m really glad I’m not allergic to shrimp!!! Unlike the siomai, I prefer eating this without any sauce.


For our soup, we had the seafood green soup that has squid, tofu, noodles, and polonchay. I think this soup could do with a bit more salt and pepper, but since the viands and rice we had were quite flavorful, I no longer asked for those condiments. It felt nice to sip this in between spoonfuls of food.


Another staple at any Chinese restaurant is the sweet and sour pork, but Wangfu’s version has a twist: they use lychee instead of pineapple. This is definitely one of the best, crunchiest, and most balanced sweet & sour dishes I’ve ever tasted!


Usually, when a dish smells good, it also tastes good. When the little black pot containing Wangfu’s seafood tofu with cheese was opened, I knew I was in for a treat. It’s something familiar yet at the same time new, or at least different from the usual. Generally, tofu can be paired with any kind of meat, but adding cheese sauce to the mix is uniquely Wangfu. This dish has fish fillet, squid, and shrimp.


Ahhh shrimp. You could probably tell by now that it’s my favorite seafood, so let me describe another unique Wangfu dish: pork floss prawns. The prawns are coated in mayonnaise and then showered with pork floss. I know that this creation is quite delectable, but I find it a bit too sweet for my liking. It tastes good, but I’d want it to be more savory, especially since the prawns are so chunky!


Lastly, we also tried Wangfu’s salted egg fried chicken! Oh my goodness where do I begin? Ah screw it, suffice it to say, this one’s so good, I believe I could eat an order by myself! It has strips of chicken thigh fillet breaded in salted duck egg, stir-fried with curry leaves and chili! I’d want it to be spicier, but overall, this is such a winner! It still tastes good even when refrigerated!


Oh wait, all these dishes are best paired with rice, and we tried the salted fish fried rice. Despite its name, the saltiness isn’t overwhelming. The salted fish used is imported from Hong Kong, and the rice could very well be a meal on its own.


To cap off our meal, we had hot Singapore milk tea. Good stuff, man, good stuff! It came in a cute little floral teacup! ❤ Take advantage of their holiday promotion!!! Buy 1 take 1! 😀


Thank you so much to Mr. Francis Simeon for inviting me to this event. It was really nice to meet “Sir Chief”, who was game for a cameo on my vlog (to be posted soon) and Mr. Lester Ong, who graciously entertained our questions. I can’t wait to go back and try Wangfu’s other dishes! You can visit them at Serendra, UP Town Center, Il Terrazzo, or Tomas Morato. Most of their dishes are meant for sharing, but they also offer individual meal sets that come with unlimited rice and soup! Sulit! 🙂