2018 Project 365, Day 281: KitKat Sake

Photo #281: October 8

When in Japan, make sure to check out their unusual KitKat flavors! Now I don’t drink sake, but this caught my eye. It’s like…. white chocolate with sake. 😀



2018 Project 365 Day 233: Don Pepe Tablia

Photo #233: August 21

Not sure where this came from, but it sure is good! Now I want champorado huhu! Anyway, I’m guessing it’s from my sister or our vacation in July since it’s from Mandaue.


2018 Project 365, Day 3: Ritter Sport Schokowurfel

Photo #3: January 3

These have got to be some of the best chocolates I’ve ever tasted in my life!!! Thank you to our adoptive family for these! Leo, I will have to practice extreme self-control not to open your box!!! 😀