2019 Project 365, Day 73: Early Birthday Gifts

Photo #73: March 14

I usually open gifts on or after my actual birthday, but since I’ll be traveling, I had to open them early, hehe! Thank you for the yummy banana cake,Khrisna! It’s best paired with coffee, which I drank from the mug that Louis gave me! Also, in the background is a new towel from Lylle! Thank you, girls!!! 



2019 Project 365, Day 24: Bear Brand Adult Plus Milk w/ Coffee

Photo #24: January 24

Another reason to love Bear Brand: milk with coffee/coffee with milk! 😁Surprisingly, it’s not as milky as I expected it to be! I tasted the powder first, and the coffee flavor’s strong, but once you add water, everything becomes balanced. It’s good!!! ☕️😍 #bestofbothworlds



2018 Project 365, Day 4: Kratos Strong Coffee

Photo #4: January 4

Tried this because Leo‘s colleague said it’s really strong. In my experience – I tried it twice already – the caffeine kicked in quickly, and the effect started to wear off after about 8.5 hours. After a few more hours, I felt extremely exhausted! So I recommend this only if you have a place to crash after the caffeine rush.