2019 Project 365 Day 357: Godzilla Capsule Toy

Photo #357: December 23

One of the things Japan is known for is their wide variety of capsule toys! Today, I learned that they are more popularly called “gacha” toys because of the sound the machines make when their knobs are turned. Anyway, what I thought was a character from My Hero Academia turned out to be Godzilla! I was a bit disappointed at first, but when I finally assembled it earlier, WOW IT’S SO COOL!!! 500 yen – worth it!!!




2019 Project 365, Day 90: Todoroki Funko Pop Toy

Photo #90: March 31

Birthday gift from Leo!!! My favorite Boku no Hīrō Akademia character ahhhhhhhh!!!! THANK YOU, DEAR!!! 😍😍😍 #MyHeroAcademia#ShotoTodoroki #HalfHotHalfCold



2018 Project 365, Day 27: Sleepy Astro Boy

Photo 27: January 27

Christmas has not ended as I received my 4th Astro Boy coin bank, nth overall among my toy collection. Thank you so much to my adoptive family from Mandi’s Grill Grub!!! ❤ Kawaii!!!!



2015 Project 365, Day 357: Christmas Loot from Mandi’s Grill Grub!

Photo #357: December 23

Not sure if it’s Halloween or Christmas… haha! Thank you, Tita Lia, Tito Joy, and little Mandi of Mandi’s Grill Grub for these sweet treats and the Hello Kitty toy (I’m not sure what it is, but I’m interested in creating an “unboxing” video about it). My sister and I reacted like kids who scored the best trick-or-treating loot! 6-yo Mandi wrote “grabe” on the card because she learned it from watching my vlogs! Hahaha! And speaking of vlogs, here’s the one I made about my favorite Lilac Street restaurant.



2015 Project 365, Day 356: Astro Boy LED Sign

Photo #356: December 22

When I write reviews on my blog or create vlogs about restaurants, I don’t expect anything in return; I simply love promoting businesses that have good stories and food, of course! So whenever I receive stuff from the owners, especially from Marikina, I feel so honored! Thank you for this LED signage, Tito Alvin and Tita Rosemarie of Tokyo Tempura Marikina! ❤ I am happy to share that my write-up & vlog on their restaurant are the most read & most viewed on my blog and YouTube channel, with 12, 719 (and counting) & 1, 283 views respectively. ❤ In case you haven’t watched the vlog (the video description includes a link to my blog entry), here you go. 🙂