2020 Project 366, Day 10: Bento Lunch

Photo #10: January 10

Today’s bento lunch is from Gōrudo RAMEN.

My current wallpaper is from an angry fan of Marvin Cruz… priceless! 😆😂



2017 Project 365, Day 48: Meatslut Lilac Marikina

Photo #48: February 17

Had an impromptu dinner with Richard Allan Co / TFC at Meatslut along Lilac. The food was…meh. The rib short plate’s char overpowered whatever seasoning they used, if any. All the sides we ordered weren’t served hot! The spinach gratin was salty, while the supposedly “umami corn” turned out to be just buttered corn. The two kinds of potato side dishes were okay, but not the best. Overpriced mediocre food, never eating here again. Well, okay, maybe we should have ordered their steaks? We’ll see. Anyway, thanks for the catch-up, Rich! :-*