Project 365 – Year 2013: Day 270

Photo #270: September 27

Had a really awesome lunch at The Sci-Fi Cafe and then visited 103.5 KLite for the first time. Got to meet some of the DJS there like Max Speed, Carl McFly, Mondo, Jacob, and Tim Kong. Super fun day!!! ❤



Project 365 – Year 2013: Day 80

Photo #80: March 21

Attended another really early birthday celebration haha 😀 Hi, Glen! 😀 A.k.a. khiko_monster! 🙂 One of the most good-looking Rushers I’ve ever met! Haha! Thanks also for the pasalubong from Japan! ^_^



Project 365 – Year 2013: Day 52

Photo #52: February 21

Watched the seventh episode of Once Upon a Time Season 1: “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter.” My heart definitely got sad because of this episode. 😦 Why?! 😥 *Sigh* The Huntsman here is one of my favorite characters, and James Dorman portrays him well. He has a nice Irish accent. ♥ I hate the Evil Queen even more. Ugh.

Photo credit:http://awesometothe3rd.tumblr.com/post/17356754332/once-upon-a-time-the-huntsman-1×07



July 23, 2010

Before, anything else, allow me to apologize for the hiatus I had in blogging. I’ve been busy kasi lately, particularly because of my lovelife! haha! 😀

Last June 23, I started hanging out (watching movies, having lunch/dinner, checking out bookstores, etc.) with my office crush, Leo. Apparently, my absence because of the oral surgery I had made him realize how different office life is without me. (Leo, you can ask me to edit this part if you think I’m incorrect haha! mwah!) The first time we watched a movie together, I was fervently hoping that it would happen again. The first time he lent me his jacket, I wanted to hug him then and there. The first time we ate beside each other, I wanted that moment to last forever! I didn’t want to go home! haha! 😀 The first time we held hands while walking (yes, hhww is still very much alive!), I was so kilig, I wanted time to slow down! Haha! 😀 Basically, I was so overwhelmed because I was about to give up on even hoping that we could be together because I heard that he was interested or at least he planned to ask a different girl out on a date. Little did I know that I was so wrong. 🙂

Anyways, last Friday was probably one of the luckiest days of my life.

First, I won an iPod shuffle from the Garnier Light promo on The Morning Rush. It was the LAST of ten iPod shuffles they have been giving away for nearly two weeks. Basically, Chico or Delle had to choose the best definition of complete. Thanks to Blue Ritz, I was able to get a copy of my air time. Interested to listen to it? Then click HERE. 🙂

Second, I had a surprise interview at work at around 10:30am. I won’t go into the details, but I can tell you that the interview was for something good.

Third, at around 12:30pm, my head supervisor again asked to talk to me. Thinking that it had to do with the earlier interview, I clearly had no idea that I was about to receive a better prize than an iPod shuffle. She did start out with work-related statements and then biglang, “Actually, may ibibigay ako sa ‘yo…” It was a VCD, covered by a postcard, and a necklace. Here’s what the postcard says:

my b1's proposal 🙂

O, I dare you not to get kilig! Haha! Grabe, I had to read it a lot of times before nag-sink in sa akin – Leo asked me to be his girlfriend! It was so unexpected! I didn’t get to answer him right away, because hiyang hiya ako sa kanya, I couldn’t even look at him! We had lunch first and then we talked…and hugged. We caused quite a commotion at work as our colleagues were also celebrating with us. They were very happy, as most of them supported us all the way – giving pointers/advice, teasing us, and simply being there for us during our.. “dating period.” 🙂

Simply put, I am very lucky to have Leo and having him trumps all the other prizes I have won from RX!

And I couldn’t think of a better way of ending this blog entry with this: Mahal kita, Leo 🙂

riboflavin + thiamine = happiness (daig ang enervon!)


Company outing

We had our company outing last June 4 over at Island Cove, Cavite. We played obstacle course, tug-of-war, and sack race. Nakakapagod pero super saya. I did not go swimming but I did take a lot of pictures, some of which I will be sharing in this post.

After the outing, some of us had an overnight at a junior supervisor’s house in Parañaque. We were welcomed with a sumptuous erm…close to midnight meal! Then we had lots of kuwentuhan, tawanan, and tuksuhan! 😀

To be honest, I was really, really happy because I got to have a lot of kilig moments with my crush. Haha! 😀 Hay, if he only knew how special he is to me. He’s kind of geeky but I find him extremely interesting and I really like it when he laughs because of my jokes. I wish that I had the opportunity to be on his team – see, he’s a junior supervisor. Unfortunately, we QAs are under the head supervisor. *sigh*

Anyways, here are some of the pictures:

My team, hulaan niyo kung anong kulay. haha!

The obstacle course

Tug-of-war...parang naiire lang o haha

Sack race. Grabe to feeling ko tutumba ako haha!

Ang walang kamatayang jump shot 🙂

*big smile* 🙂

Pati sa pool, may jump shot haha!

Isa pang jump shot! 🙂

Namula, umitim, at ako'y na-half-bake not because of swimming but because of the games haha!

Huling hirit bago umalis ng Island Cove

Mirror shot naman!

Isa pang mirror shot! 🙂

Our very yummy food! Mali ung date sa menu. haha! ay, may balot pang kasama yan! 🙂