2020 Project 366, Day 3: Pikachu x UP

Photo #3: January 3

So much UAAP basketball-related news, I don’t know what to believe anymore. Char, OA haha. One thing’s for sure, though: whoever’s on the team, kahit si Pikachu pa yan, I and the rest of the #UPFight community will support them no matter what!

Thanks to Tiffany for these kawaii stickers!!! 



2019 Project 365, Day 211: New Loyal Student

Photo #211: July 30

13-yo kid, after our 3rd lesson: Do you teach tomorrow?
Me: Ah, yes.
K: Ah eto… tomorrow lesson.. ano.. 13 o’clock?
Me: Oh, do you want me to open a lesson tomorrow at 1 in the afternoon?
K: Yes! I learn English, but you talk Japanese. And fun!
Me: Just sukoshi (a little). But thank you, student-kun!
K: I like you. Mommy also. *mommy waves and shows me their cat, Mi-chan*

I have a new loyal kid (and parent)… my heart is full! 😻 #WeAreRareJob#ilovemyjob



2019 Project 365 Day 191: Gudetama & Castella

Photo #191: July 10

Was preparing for something when I remembered I bought these in Nagasaki: a Gudetama (my fave Sanrio character) accessory and a Castella purse.  Ughhhhh so cute!!! Will definitely use these on my next vacation! 😀