2016 Project 365, Day 190: Happy 20th Anniversary, The Morning Rush!

Photo #190: July 8

I may not be as active as before, but I’m still proud to be called a Rusher! 🙂 I still listen and send entries whenever I could or if I could relate to the topic. Thank you for inspiring creativity, humor, and feel-good craziness for 20 years, The Morning Rush!

note to self: must have my copy of book 3 signed! 😀



2015 Project 365, Day 306: The Morning Rush Book 3!

Photo #306: November 2

Finally found a copy!!! I haven’t started reading it, but a fellow Rusher told me that she already saw a featured entry of mine (one entry per topic is “featured” with an illustration), which means, that’s my third time!! Yey! Grand slam! Kilig hihi! ❤



2015 Project 365, Day 27: Into the Woods

Photo #27: January 27

Attended the Monster Movie Premiere of “Into the Woods,” and we all enjoyed watching it! I like all the songs, except for Jack’s song, “Giants in the Sky” because it sounds so…hmmm incohesive? Overall, the cast did great, particularly Emily Blunt! ❤ Watch out for the two princes singing “Agony,” very funny, indeed! ^^ We also got to take a picture with 2 of our favorite RX jocks, so it truly was a great night! ^^



Project 365 – Year 2013: Day 284

Photo #284: October 11

I have a lot of really cute pictures of Cooper, but this is my favorite. How Delle looks at him is precious – the look of pure love. Happy 2nd birthday, Cooper Matteo! You aren’t aware of it yet, but you bring so much joy to this world and so many people love you!  ❤



Project 365 – Year 2013: Day 75

Photo #75: March 16

Made it just in time for the last few minutes of the Kikay Barkada’s last local book signing event. 🙂 Attended another early birthday celebration, this time, it was Chesca’s (her birthday is on the 22nd). Had fun as always with my Rusher friends 🙂