2016 Project 365, Day 16: Ultra Fast Fibr + Teen Wolf

Photo #16: January 16

I’ve been feeling down since last night, but here’s my silver lining for today: PLDT Fibr is surprisingly extra fast! Hence, I decided to download the first 10 episodes of Teen Wolf season 5! Episode 3 was the fastest to download – only 2 minutes! The longest took 8 minutes! Wish my anxiety would go away just as quickly…

Screenshot 2016-01-16 16.23.23


2015 Project 365, Day 107: PLDT FIBR – Restored!

Photo #107: April 17

After feeling crippled for nearly 3 days because of not having ultra fast Internet connection and a dial tone, it felt so good to finally see these lights!!! Apparently, one of the mango trees along my street was the cause of my disconnection. Time to catch up on work! 🙂

p.s. thank you to Jay and Adrian of PLDT for fixing the problem, and to Leofor calling the PLDT hotline on my behalf! 😀