2020 Project 366: Day 155: Korean Lunch

Photo #155: June 3

My sister took care of our Korean lunch today. She ordered all these from a colleague based in San Mateo, if I remember correctly. On the table: tteokbokki, chapchae, kimbap, kimchi, samgyupsal salad, Vietnamese summer rolls (naligaw haha), and 3 kinds of rice meals (pork bulgogi, ossam bulgogi, jayeuk bokkeum).  Meogja! 👌🤤🇰🇷



2020 Project 366: Day 153: Cheesy Shanghai Rolls

Photo #153: June 1

Love lumpiang Shanghai? You’ll love it more with cheese and the super yummy dip that comes with every order of Cheesy Shanghai Rolls by Mardi!!! Solid! 👌Next time, I’ll use a deeper pan and more oil for frying! ☺️ Anyway, message them for orders of 10, 20, 30, or 50 pieces. No judging if you get the party size! 😂🤤