2020 Project 366, Day 18: GotchuGang

Photo #18: January 18

The gotchugang lol. Always a fun time Korean BBQ-ing with this bunch. ROI is always achieved because of the “burp of regret.”  Missed you guys so much!!! 




2019 Project 365 Day 180: Foodie Besties

Photo #180: June 29

So happy to see my foodie besties after eight freakin’ months!!! Bonded over steak, wings, and pasta at Blake’s, then nachos and cakes at Quina. Missing the rest of the gang as well, so hoping to have some KBBQ bonding soon! 



2018 Project 365, Day 174: Tribu Babaylan

Photo #174: June 23

Some people say birthdays should be celebrated after the actual day, while others say celebrations should be held beforehand. Well, I believe either is fine as long as you’re with your family and/or close friends! Happy birthday in advance, Dennis and Misshy! Love the food and company! Sad that we’re not complete, but looking forward to our…Halloween party na ba?! Hahaha!