2018 Project 365, Day 182: More Reunions

Photo #182: July 1

Reunion #4 with relatives + dinner with Gem’s family! I had a lot of wine today, so I feel a lil tipsy and cheesy.  just a few days left before my parents and brother go back to the US huhuhu!



2018 Project 365, Day 181: Happy Birthday, Brother Part 2

Photo #181: June 30

Documented Ian’s birthday celeb with his elem, HS, and college classmates! Also, was able to meet up with my besties! Super fun and full!



2018 Project 365, Day 139: A King’s Birthday!

Photo #139: May 19

Wasn’t at the royal wedding, but I still attended a “king’s” party! Happy birthday, Magi King!!! From Team B to Team A in basketball and Team A-dulting in life hahaha! Thank you to Cherrie for organizing this surprise and for inviting us!  UP Fight for life!



2018 Project 365, Day 108: Day Off with Besties

Photo #108: April 18

My regular food & nail spa bonding with my besties is usually a reward for being on beast mode for the first few weeks of a month. Also, it’s a great excuse to discover different establishments. Today, we ate at Dong Juan, Lamp Quarters and tried House of Z along Lilac Street. Definitely going back to Lamp Quarters to try their other restos, plus House of Z for their relaxing ambiance & excellent service! #KikaysOfRareJob



2018 Project 365, Day 85: Vacation Over!

Photo #85: March 26

Leaving a beautiful place like Noni’s Resort is such a difficult thing to do, but it also makes us look forward to our next staycation! I’m so happy we had this break; we love our jobs, but work-life balance is always a priority! ❤